Cannabis Common Sense #265

Hemp News with Paul Stanford covers each week’s news on cannabis. Then Dr. Phillip Leveque, D.O., Ph.D., a physician and retired medical school professor of pharmacology and toxicology, and Don Dupay, a social worker and retired Portland Police detective, join Stanford to take viewers’ phone calls. We have video excerpt of the ACLU’s production, “Busted,” how to stand up for your rights, and a clip of Ed Forchion, the New Jersey Weedman, as he protests at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, and he lights the herb and is arrested and cited along with a colleague, plus a film clip about Portland’s upcoming May 1st Marijuana March. Hemp News: an anti medical marijuana hearing in Washington, DC; former US Surgeon General Joycelyn Edwards is campaigning for medical marijuana in the NE USA; Ed Forchion’s attempt to legally change his name to is denied by a judge.