Cannabis Common Sense #255

Hemp News with Paul Stanford covers each week’s big stories on cannabis. Then Don Dupay, a social worker and retired Portland Police detective, joins Paul to take viewers’ phone calls. We have a news clip about The Hemp & Cannabis Foundation’s lawsuit against the US Drug Enforcement Administration and the US Justice Department to protect medical mariuana patients from federal interference in state licensed cultivation. We also have a short clip from The Hash Man, a new video about hashish. Hemp News: Britain decriminalizes cannabis possession; a new study says that marijuana shows no adverse impact on driving performance; an Oregon woman who could be facing deportation to her native Norway because of a 10-year-old conviction for 6 plants may get a pardon from Oregon’s Governor; backing for California’s medical marijuana law has increased; a Colorado judge issued a contempt citation against 4 DEA agents who stole a state-licensed medical marijuana patient’s medicine, and now the US Attorney for CO has asked a federal judge to dismiss the state contempt citation.