Newshawks: Anne McLellan Press conference

Former health Minister Anne McLellan, Canadian Health Council head Michael
Decter and BC Health Services Minister Colin Hansen (via videolink) gathered at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto on December 9, 2003 to announce the creation of the Canadian Health Council, which ostensibly is to bring accountability to the Canadian health care system.

Canadians for Safe Access and POT-TV were there, too, to ask Minister McLellan why her department is ignoring court rulings and hurting sick Canadians by cutting funding for clinical trials (when at the same time saying they are actively researching cannabis). Medpot patient Steven Bacon is also on hand to tell McLellan and the press what he thinks of the Canadian Medical Marijuana Program.
Credit for the video is Blaine at HUMAN — /
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Tim Meehan, Communications Director
Ontario Consumers for Safe Access to Recreational Cannabis