Cannabis Common Sense #246

Hemp News with Paul Stanford covers each week’s big stories on cannabis. Then Don Dupay, a social worker and retired Portland Police detective, and Madeline Martinez, the director of Oregon NORML and a retired prison guard, join Paul to take viewers’ phone calls. This week we talk to Madeline about the upcoming 2nd annual Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards and the DEA’s attempt to stop the awards by threatening the hotel with the Rave Act. With legal intervention by Paul Loney, a past CCS co-host, the awards ceremony went on. Tonight’s film clips start with 2 news clips that cover THCF’s medical marijuana clinic and the recent decision by the US Supreme Court to deny review and uphold a case that allows doctors to recommend medical marijuana. We have a rare video excerpt from 1964 of Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters setting out from Oregon on the bus Further as they head East to change the world with LSD; this trip was later immortalized in Tom Wolfe’s book, “The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test.” Hemp News: Cannabis kills cancerous tumors according to a new study from Italy; Alaska’s Appeals Court upholds the legalization of personal use & cultivation of cannabis; the US Drug Czar warns the city government of San Francisco that they risk federal arrest if the city dispenses medical marijuana to the sick & dying; the UK will decriminalize cannabis possession effective Jan. 29, 2004; & an unfortunate Texas man died from swallowing a bag of marijuana he tried to hide from police.