Marc Emery to Smoke-Out The VPD, Sept. 18, 4:00 pm

MARC WANTS YOU TO SMOKE OUT VPD HQ WITH HIMThe Vancouver Police are addicted to rousting, hassling, strip searching, intimidating largely young people over pot possession and they don’t want to surrender that control.

Thats basically the message from BC Solicitor-General Rich Coleman and the Vancouver Police. According to the Vancouver police, ‘marijuana possession is illegal’ even though the courts are adamant in BC and Ontario that in fact, the courts have struck down the marijuana possession prohibition.

Will you join me at 4.00 p.m. Thursday, September 18 at the Vancouver Police Headquarters, Cambie and 5th, where I will smoke a marijuana joint (a fairly large one, I may add) to dare the Vancouver Police to charge me with the obsolete marijuana prohibition offenses the courts have nullified.