Scientology Exposed! L. Ron Hubbard on Drugs

In light of Tiny Tom Cruise’s rantings in the media about the benefits and wonders of Scientology, we decided it was a good time to re-release the antidote to Scientology ‘L. Ron Hubbard on Drugs’

Fascinating Weirdness! Was the founder of Scientology and the drug rehab program Narconon a user of Drugs and a Practitioner of Black Magick? Was L. Ron Hubbard working for Naval Intelligence and involved in the drug induced mind control predecessors of MK Ultra? Has Scientologist money been used to import heroin and cocaine? Did L. Ron Hubbard really say not smoking enough cigarettes will cause lung cancer? Why are Scientologists filming events like Canada’s Cannabis Day and the Seattle Hempfest? Are Scientologists planning to take over the world and make it Drug-Free? Watch this fascinating video from Detroit’s Red-Eye Rising Productions to find out more.

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Autopsy quote report read aloud

“L. Ron Hubbard was given Vistaril® by Dr. Gene Denk in his final days, by intramuscular injection in the right buttocks. Vistaril® is a psychiatric drug, used to calm frantic or overly anxious patients. He died on January 24th, 1986, eight days after the fatal stroke…. reminiscent of the final days of Howard Hughes Hubbard’s fingernails and toenails were long and unkempt. His hair was long, thin and receding on his forehead”

Considering that Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard himself left behind a doped corpse when he left for the next level it is indeed curious to note that Scientologists are encouraged to be drug-free and the Drug Treatment facility he began, Narconon has been in existence for over 30 years expanding to over 24 countries and taught to thousands in hundreds of prisons and schools world wide.

L.R. Hubbard was taking a powerful psychopharmaceutical drug when he died. But according to the Scientology® “scriptures,” that he composed evil space aliens control and manipulate Earth’s psychiatrists via mental telepathy, and “psych drugs” are used by these space aliens to control and enslave humanity. This leaves one asking, if Scientology® “scripture” is true, how did the space aliens finally “get at” Hubbard? Or is there some other explanation for this hypocricy?

Intro L. Ron Hubbard on Drugs

Born Layfatte Ron Hubard in 1911, the first indications of his greatness was established in 1924 when he became the youngest boyscout to be promoted to Eagle Scout. It is doubtful that his pack leader at that time recognized that the young over achiever would one day be the center of a whole religion, a religion that’s wealth is in the same category of many Fortune 500 International coroporations.


Although he liked to claim it was from a vision inspired from a near death expereince It may have been L. Ron’s strange relationship with drugs that initiated his first Sci-fi fantasy, a book which he believes laid the ground for his later philosophical achievments….
“Hubbard had experienced a peculiar hallucination in 1938, while under nitrous oxide during a dental operation. He believed that he had died during the operation and while dead been shown a great wealth of knowledge.”
– Tony McClelland, “The Total Freedom Trap”
“He told me it was going to revolutionize everything: the world, people’s attitudes to one another. He thought it would have a greater impact upon people than the Bible.”
– Art Burks ron hubbard marijuana&hl=en&ie=UTF-8

Clip Forrest Ackerman and Gerry Armstrong about Nitrous Oxide expereince

Sometime after allegedley trying to bilk the navy out of permanent disability funds for ulcers he developed well in Naval Service, Hubbard met and befriended pioneering rocketeer and occultist Jack Parsons. Besides being one of the founders of Cal Tech, Jack Parsons has the dubious honor of being the only pot head with a crater on the moon named after him.

Hubbard and Parson’s shared adventerous and creative spirits, the two apparently shared another facination, that being a taste for the occult works of Aliester Crowley, the English magician who fancied himself the Beast 666 of the Bibles Book of revelation.. L. Ron Jr. records that his father had first been made aware of the works of Crowley in his teenage years, when well visiting the library of congress in washington DC, he discovered Crowley’s infamous Book of the Law, a tiny booklet that Crowley claimed was channeled from discarnate Egyptian deities and promised a new era for humanity.

We have nothing with the outcast and the unfit; let them die in their misery. Compassion is the vice of Kings; stamp down the wretched and the weak; this is the law of the strong; this is our law and the joy of the world.
I am of the snake that giveth Knowledge and Delight, and stir the hearts of men with drunkenness. To worship me take wine and strange drugs…. They shall not harm ye at all. It is a lie, this folly against self…. Be strong, Oh man! Lust, enjoy all things of sense and rapture … the kings of the earth shall be kings forever; the slaves shall serve.
Them that seek to entrap thee, to overthrow thee, them attack without pity or quarter, and destroy them utterly.
I am unique and conqueror. I am not of the slaves that perish. Be they damned and dead! Amen.

Crowley, as a scribe and prophet ushered in this new age, but the book he claimed to have channeled predicted another following in Crolwey’s footsteps, would fulfill.

“…In these runes are mysteries that no Beast shall divine. Let him not seek to try: But one cometh after him . . . who shall discover the key to it all?”
– Aleister Crowley, The Book of the Law

According to L.Ron Jr. his father saw himself as just that individual “when Crowley died in 1947, my father then decided that he should wear the cloak of the beast and become the most powerful being in the universe.” In one of his later lectures, Hubbard would refer to Crowley as “my good friend.”

The use of both sex and drugs in Crowley’s form of magick cannot be understated. In an interview with Penthouse magazine in 1983 it was at this point his father began his use of drugs

Penthouse: Did your father take a lot of drugs?
Hubbard: Yes. Since he was sixteen. You see, drugs are very important in the application of heavy black magic. The personal use of drugs expands one’s conscious ability to break open the doors to the realm of the deep.
Penthouse: What kind of drugs did he generally use?
Hubbard: At various times, just about everything, because he was quite a hypocondriac. Cocaine, peyote, amphetamines, barbiturates. It would be shorter to list what he didn’t take.

Elsewhere Hubbard Jr. states:
“I remember in 1952… while he was taking a needle in the arm, containing cocaine. He grinned at me, winked wryly and said “Shades of Sherlock Holmes!’
“Dad gave a lot of lectures on Cocaines or stimulants of one kind or another. He could really get brilliant on the stuff.” (Corydon)

Quote corydon 58

After being discharged from the Navy in December of 1945, Hubbard did not head for home, where his wife and two small children were living in Bremerton, Washington. He instead headed directly for a house in Pasadena, California, where an eclectic assortment of people lived including forementioned rocketeer Jack Parsons. At that time Parsons was the head of a California Branch of the Order templar Orientis, or OTO, a Masonic brotherhood that was headed by Crowley. According to Scientologist sources, Hubbard at this time was hired by Naval Intelligence who had become interested in the OTO due to a number of scientists involvement with the order.

That Parsons was seen as a person of interest at the time is quite obvious. Rumours of cannabis smoke and erotic rites taking place on parsons’ estate, where he had a number of bohemians and occultist living with him, had his 1940’s neighbors quite concerned and both the FBI and local police had investigated him

Parson’s wrote in the 1943 edition of the OTO’s Oriflamme:
…I live on peyote,
marijuana, morphine and cocaine,
I never know sadness but only a madness
that burns at the heart and the brain.

Interestingly, it was this same year that researchers working for the OSS, the predecessor for the CIA, began ultra-secret work titled Bluebird and Artichoke began the quest to find the ultimate “truth-serum” starting with a cannabis-indica solution and later ciggarettes laced with the potent liquid, said to be a predecessor of the famous “honey-oil”. Harry Anslinger, the father of Reefer Madness, was working with the OSS on this project.
By 1947, the U.S. Navy had also launched Project Chatter, which included experiments with mescaline, a hallucinogenic drug derived from the peyote cactus (with effects similar to LSD). Mescaline was studied as a possible speech-inducing agent after the Navy learned that Nazi doctors at the Dachau concentration camp had used it in mind-control experiments.
Concievabley it could have been due to a OSS & Naval Intelligence interest in the potentials of cannabis and mescaline as truth serums that Hubbard began spying on the sex drug cult headed by Parsons and crowley. According to Scientologist sources Hubbard had infiltrated the OTO on behalf of Naval Intelligence who became concerned when a number of their top physicists began getting involved and this was creating a national security situation. As published in the Sunday Times of London on October 5, 1969, Hubbard successfully infiltrated and broke up this group that was run by Dr. Jack Parsons. This led to many of the top 64 US scientists being declared as security risks and dismissed from government service.” In relation to this it is interesting to note that much of the early OSS investigations into cannabis took place at The Manhattan Project, the Governments top secret atomic bomb making facility creating a situation where employees of the top secret compound were routinely secretly dosing each other and recording the effects!

Regardless of his motives the charismatic Hubbard was able to place himself well with the dynamic Jack Parsons. As Parsons wrote in a letter to Crowley
“Although he [Hubbard] has no formal training in Magick, he has an extraordinary amount of experience and understanding in the field. From some of his experiences I deduce that he is in direct contact with some higher intelligence, possibly his Guardian Angel … “
– Parsons in a letter to Crowley (late 1945)

Despite these high admirations, and testing Parson’s adherence to Crowley’s law of “Do As Thou Will”, which condones the total free will of every individual, Hubbard ended up charming away Parson’s girlfriend Sara Northrup, eventually marrying her himself before divorcing his first wife and the mother of his children.

“With the assistance of his new friend L. Ron Hubbard, Jack Parsons intended to try and create a ‘moonchild’ – a magical child ‘mightier than all the kings of the earth’, whose birth had been prophesied in the Book of the Law more than forty years earlier.”
– Russell Miller, Bare-Faced Messiah
On March 2, 1946, Hubbard, Parsons and Parson’s new girlfriend Marjorie Cameron, the “scarlet women” engaged in sexual rites in the Ordo Templi Orientis lodge in South Orange California. Hubbard, as scribe, intoned:
“Make a box of blackness at ten o’clock. Smear the vessel which contains flame with thine own blood. Destroy at the altar a thing of value. Remain in perfect silence and heed the voice of our Lady. Speak not of this ritual or of her coming to any person…
“Display thyself to Our Lady; dedicate thy organs to Her, dedicate thy heart to Her, dedicate thy mind to Her, dedicate thy soul to Her, for She shall absorb thee, and thou shalt become living flame before She incarnates…”
– Russell Miller, Bare-Faced Messiah
The absorbtion part of the process refered to the mingling of the male and female sexual fluids, the OTO’s Gnostic Mass. The mixture was allowed to undergo a transmutation in its natural alchemical furnace of the woman’s vagina for a few minutes and was then consumed in its entirety by the magician.
The campy sci fi writer L. Sprague de Camp who knew both Hubbard and Parsons stated “The neighbors began protesting when the rituals called for a naked pregnant woman to jump nine times through fire in the yard.”

When Parsons wrote Crowley of his plans for producing the Divine Child He responded “You have me completely puzzled by your remarks. I cannot form the slightest idea of what you can possibly mean.” In a letter to the head of the OTO in the U.S. Crowley commented
“Apparently Parsons or Hubbard or somebody is producing a Moonchild. I get fairly frantic when I contemplate the idiocy of these louts.”

“After the Babalon Working had been concluded, all that Parsons could do was watch and wait. He had been told that the Operation had succeeded, that conception had occurred, and that in due course the avatar or Daughter of Babalon would come to him, bearing a secret sign that Parsons alone would recognise, and which would prove her authenticity. Hubbard, though, had rather more mundane considerations on his mind, and several weeks later he and Betty absconded with a vast amount of Parsons’ money. This amounted to many thousands of dollars as an investment in Allied Enterprises, a fund set up by Parsons, Betty and Hubbard, and into which Parsons was pursuaded to sink most of his savings.” “
– Michael Staley,
Greatly disturbed, OTO member and Occult writer Lewis Culling took it upon himself to make some inquiries and on 12 May he wrote to Karl Germer: “As you may know by this time, Brother John signed a partnership agreement with this Ron and Betty whereby all money earned by the three for life is equally divided between the three. As far as I can ascertain, Brother John has put in all of his money … Meanwhile, Ron and Betty have bought a boat for themselves in Miami for about $10,000 and are living the life of Riley, while Brother John is living at rock bottom, and I mean *rock bottom*. It appears that originally they never secretly intended to bring this boat around to the California coast to sell at a profit, as they told Jack, but rather to have a good time on it on the east coast…” [25]

Germer naturally informed Crowley, who replied by cable on 22 May: “Suspect Ron playing confidence trick. Jack evidently weak fool. Obvious victim prowling swindlers.” In a letter seven days later, Crowley wrote, “It seems to me on the information of our brethren in California that Parsons has got an illumination in which he has lost all his personal independence. From our brother’s account he has given away both his girl and his money. Apparently it is the ordinary confidence trick.” [26]
“Bare-Faced Messiah: the True Story of L. Ron Hubbard.”
“About J.W.P. – all that I can say is that I am sorry – I feel sure that he had fine ideas, but he was led astray …[and]robbed of his last penny by a confidence man named Hubbard. “
– Aleister Crowley, in a letter to Louis T. Culling (October 1946)

Parsons died in 1952 when a chemical explosion ripped through his garage lab. Numerous conspiracy theories have surrounded this incident.

“Hubbard insisted that he had been working undercover for Naval Intelligence to break up black magic in America and to investigate links between the occultists and prominent scientists at the Parsons’ mansion. Hubbard said the mission was so successful that the house was razed and the black-magic group was dispersed. But Parsons’ widow, Cameron, disputed Hubbard’s account in a brief interview with the Los Angeles Times. She said the two men ‘liked each other very much’ and ‘felt they were ushering in a force that was going to change things’.”
– “LRH, the story of L. Ron Hubbard and the Church of Scientology”, St. Petersburg Times, June 24, 1990

Parson’s defenders have seen Hubbard as “a confidence trickster who had wormed his way into the O.T.O. on the pretence of being interested in Magick.” And that he grew “wealthy and famous by a misuse of the secret knowledge which he had wormed out of Parsons.”

Parsons was young and impressionable. He had gone through repeated upheavals during his short life. He was vulnerable. Hubbard made a big impression on him. Parsons forgot his obligation and violated his oath to the Order. He revealed to Hubbard the secrets of the highest grades of the OTO.

The Excluded Middle ron hubbard marijuana&hl=en&ie=UTF-8

Researcher Alex Constantine suggests that the American branch of the OTO was taken over in a coup by the CIA and Army Major Grady McMurty who had initially been introduced to the Order when he was a young First Lieutenant by Jack Parsons, then eventually became American head of the order.

Whether or not Hubbard infiltrated the OTO on behalf of Naval Intelligence or merely out of a mutual interest in Crowlyian Magick remains an open question But there can be little doubt that the magickal techniques of self-liberation taught by the Crowlian Order of the OTO, whose “…method is Science, but aim is religion” contributed greatly to Hubbards concept of scientology.

In a “Bulletin” written for Scientologists in 1957, Hubbard said this of the man whose black magic group he had “dispersed”:
One chap by the way, gave us solid fuel rockets and assist take-offs for airplanes too heavily loaded, and all the rest of this rocketry panorama, and who [sic]formed Aerojet in California and so on. The late Jack Parsons… was not a chemist, the way we think of chemists. . . . He eventually became quite a man. 2
In Hubbard’s Affirmations, published despite court attempts from scientology to suppress them, we get a better idea of Hubbard’s relationship with Parsosn. “Jack is also an adept. You love and respect him as a friend. He cannot take offense at what you do. You will not wrong him because you love him.”
Among the many other affirmations that Hubbard was known to have used was the following: “All men shall be my slaves! All women shall succumb to my charms! All mankind shall grovel at my feet and not know why!” [Corydon, p. 53]
Concievabley in composing this passage, Hubbard may have been influenced by the following passage from Crowley’s Book of the Law
“The kings of the earth shall be kings forever: the slaves shall serve.”
Cancelling any doubt of a deep influence of Crowley on Hubbards Scientology, we have the following recording of Hubbard refering to his Good friend Crowley, also known as the Master Therion.

Crowley audio

The first Person to bring the connections between scientology and black Magic was Paulette Cooper who, as a result, is alleged to have suffered a five year campaign of terror at the hands of scientologists directed at her driving her insane or possibly to suicide, This included trying to frame her for a bomb threat against Scientology, a crime she was facing 15 years for, but was revealed as a hoax when FBI agents raided Scientology offices.


If Hubbard had infiltrated the California branch of the OTO for Naval Intelligence, it is conceivable that he had done so with awareness of the cannabis-indica truth serum project of the OSS known as Bluebird. A background in drug and mechanically induced information retrieval combined with the occult knowledge of the Crowlyian type could well account for the development of Scientology, for as we shall discuss, the e-meter considered a scientologist religious artifact is a not to distant cousin of the more modern lie detector.

E-meter material

As engrams from this lifetime were removed, devotees were encouraged to follow there problems back to birth, the womb and finally to previous life timesl this is similar to what Crowley termed as the development of the magickal memory

“Having allowed the mind to return for some hundred times to the hour of birth, it should be encouraged to endeavour to penetrate beyond that period.”
– Aleister Crowley, Magick

“After twenty runs through birth, the patient experienced a recession of all somatics and ‘unconsciousness’ and aberrative content.” “Thus there was no inhibition about looking earlier than birth for what Dianetics had begun to call basic-basic.”
– L Ron Hubbard, Dianetics

According to L. Ron Jr., Hubbard Sr. continued with his own use of drugs and even used them in conjunction with the e-meter continually jotting down the results.

“He started me out by mixing phenobarbital into my bubble gum, when I was ten years old. This was to induce deeper trances in order to practice the black magic and to get an avenue to power.”

One of scientology’s most influential texts was said to have been created by these ve ry means with Ron Jr. acting as the Drug channel.

Bennies clip

Hubbard not only drugged his son to act as his scribe but apparently also used himself in such experiments, typing out frantically the drug induced revelations as they came through. As Ron Jr. describes “He’d sit at his typewriter late at night and boost up on drugs and hit way at the top, and write like crazy. He could type 97 words a minute with four fingers. That was the maximum the old IBM electric typewriter would go. When he got into one of these drug trips he’d write until the body just collapsed.
That’s the way he worked. Usually what he had written in a burst would then be allowed to trickle out to the public, the classes he taught. It would then be allowed to trickle out to the public, the classes he taught. It wouldn’t just show up right away.
But it was an uneven thing. Sometimes he wouldn’t write for a week, then he’d strap on the heavy duty rockets and up he’d go again.”

The first American “Clear”, meaning one who had successfully removed enegrams, or mental complexes they had developed through the e-meter and dianetics was one John Star Cooke. Besides being a Crowley disciple and owning Crowley’s own hand inscribed tarot deck, Cooke had heavy CIA connections and was also instrurmental in the spread of LSD and in initiating the first Human Be-in in 1967, the famous LSD inspired “Summer of Love”. As MK-Ultra developed out of the earlier OSS cannabis experiments Bluebird and Artichoke, it is interesting to note that Hubbard is credited with being the first to expose MK Ultra

According to researcher Jon Attack, Hubbard had himself used LSD himself prior to its illegality and Scientologists have dosed their unsuspecting enemies with the drug. Interestingly Hubbard himself later complained to the FBI that a number of Scientologists had suffered “psychotic episodes” which he claimed were the result of psychiatrists surreptitiously giving them LSD:

“1951 Hubbard authored a second book on Dianetics, Science of Survival which set out to delineat the human emotional range. Science of Survival is also notable on another count – as the first public disclosure of psychiatric-intelligence mind control techniques (later confirmed by Central Intelligence Agency testimony regarding the MK Ultra projects and the Navy’s Project Chatter)..” (

“Mr. Hubbard’s statement was found to be true in the 1970s, when the CIA’s program became public knowledge after the freedom of Information Act enabled investigators to document the agency’s inhumane and grotesque experiments on human subjects. The ensuing outcry over the use of mind-bending drugs, which combined with electric shock caused the deaths or maiming of untold numbers of people, drew comparisons between the CIA and the infamous Nazi doctors and led to Congressional hearings into the intelligence agency.”
[email protected] (probably from the Scientology Guardians Organization)

THE INVISIBLE THIRD WORLD WAR BY W.H. Bowart and Richard Sutton, who are obvious Hubbard fans, we read,
“During the early days of MKULTRA, a former Naval officer, L.Ron Hubbard, — aware of what the Navy was covertly doing -researched the workings of the human mind. Refusing to submit to government demands that he Join the mind control psychiatrists, this man published a book called “Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health”. The book proclaimed mental liberty and integrity as the birthright of humanity .When the book became a bestseller, thousands began using the techniques Hubbard discovered, testifying to “increased mental liberty.” Some of the techniques Hubbard described for the benefit of people were secretly being used by the government in an attempt to enslave. Other of the techniques Hubbard described were actually antidotes to the MKULTRA mind control methods (102)
The government began a vicious smear campaign against Hubbard. It was run by the CIA’s mind control section. The young author had inadvertently blown the whistle on the best kept secret of the Cold War, MKULTRA. “

Interestingly, some years afterwards, when hundreds of Scientology personell covertly infiltrated a number of government agencies, they pointed to FBI documents that confused L. Ron with Al Hubbard, who was of no relation. Captain Al Hubbard, who often dressed as a security guard, in order to make people feel secure, is fondly remembered as the Johny Apleseed of LSD and came up with the concept of “SET AND SETTING” in the preparation for beneficial psychedelic experiences.


A few short years after releasing his ground breaking self-help book, as his research seemed to become more and more spirit oriented rather than mind oriented, Hubbard decided to turn his philosophy into a religion.

This may have been his ultimate plan for sometime. At a meeting of Sci-fi writers in Newark in 1949 Hubbard told is said to have told the crowd `Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous,’ he told the meeting. `If a man really wanted to make a million dollars, the best way to do it would be start his own religion.’
— “Bare Faced Messiah” p.148. Reference given to LA Times, 27 Aug 78. .
Money clip

According to L. Ron Jr. His father wasn’t morallly concerned with using Scientology money for illicit black market bussiness deals
20 20 clip

As Hubbard’s operation became continually threatned by different Governments, he took the operation out into International waters by purchasing the huge frieghter the Apollo and forming the Sea org an elitte branch of Scientology.

one Captain Lemon, Naval attache at the American Embassy in Athens, told the reporter that the Apollo was operated by a “vague, silent and sinister organization,” the activities of which were unknown. He suspected that dangerous drugs, especially marijuana were in circulation aboard ship, and stated that he had counselled U.S. naval personnel on liberty not to “get mixed up with trouble.”
PLAYING DIRTY The Secret War Against Beliefs, Omar V. Garrison

Besides Hubbard’s asscociation with illicit and prescription drugs (there are witnesses who report seeing numbers of blank prescription notes just waiting to be filled), Ron had a penchant for both booze and ciggarettes. Eye witness accounts record that Ron could drink with the best of them and operate quite well under excessive amounts of booze, possibly indicating the aid of bennies or other stimulants in order to keep functioning. As for smoking, L. Ron is said to have smoked upwards of four packs a day and had the following advice for his followers, many of whom chain smoke in imitation of their main man,

“Well, there are societies in England that are having an awfully good
time fighting the cigarette. They can’t do anything else, so they
fight cigarettes. And they say that the cigarette causes lung cancer.
And they’ve – you’ve been hearing something of this, I’m sure. Yeah.
Not smoking enough will cause lung cancer. Not smoking enough will
cause lung cancer! If anybody is getting a cancerous activity in the
lung, the probabilities are that it’s radiation dosage coupled with
the fact that he smokes. And what it does is start to run out the
radiation dosage, don’t you see.. But I’d say that would be better
than not running out any of the radiation dosage at all and the
number of lung cancer cases which exist, of course, that don’t smoke
are just forgotten by these societies, but they are very numerous.
L. Ron Hubbard – SHSBC 35, 6107C19 (19th October 1961), “Question and
Answer Period: Auditor Effect on Meter”.

Ron claimed that the nicotine in cigarettes would turn into nicotinic acid, a component of Vitamin B, which would drive out radiation from the body, including forms of cancer. He recommended smoking cigarettes as a way for people to recover their health in the event of nuclear war

Ron’s nubile teenage female messengers would follow him around with an ashtray and smokes, lighting a fresh ciggarette at his chainsmoking lips as another was just butted in the ashtray



Nobody could say Ron was afraid of the needle. In his earlier years Ron suffered a recurrant bout of venerial disease for which he took sulphur. He feared this had affected his libidio in the most detremental way and later in life he would inject himself with thestosterone, recording in his affirmations
“Testosterone blends easily with your own hormones. Your glands already make plenty of needed testosterone and by adding to that store you make yourself very thrilling and sexy. Testosterone increases your sexual interest and activity. It makes erections easier and harder and makes your own joy more intense. Stilbesterol in 5 mg doses makes you thrill more to music and color and makes you kinder. You have no fear of what any woman may think of your bed conduct. You know you are a master. You know they will be thrilled. You can come many times without weariness. The act does not reduce your vitality or brain power at all. You can come several times and still write. Intercourse does not hurt your chest or make you sore. Your arms are strong and do not ache in the act. Your own pleasure is not dependent on the woman’s. You are interested only in your own sexual pleasure. If she gets any that is all right but not vital. Many women are not capable of pleasure in sex and anything adverse they say or do has no effect whatever upon your pleasure. Their bodies thrill you. If they repel you, it merely means they themselves are too frigid or prudish to be bothered with. They are unimportant in bed except as they thrill you. Your sexual power is magnificent and they know it. If they are afraid of it, that is their loss. You are not affected by it”.
“According to statements made by attorney Michael Flynn, Hubbard, until at least February of 1980, filled out fraudulent ‘doctor’s’ prescriptions for a large array of medical drugs for himself.
In a letter to Hubbard’s to his third wife Mary Sue 1967 at the inception of the Sea Org. he tell’s her: ‘I’m drinking lots of rum and popping pinks and greys.’
John McMasters stated that on the flagship Apollo in the late sixties, he witnessed Hubbard’s drug supply. ‘It was the largest drug chest I had ever seen. He had everything!’
It was shown in the Armstrong trial in Los Angeles in 1984 that Hubbard even had blank prescription slips from the U.S. Navy, one of which had a prescription for phenobarbital (a barbituate and hypnotic) written in Hubbard’s handwriting.”
Messiah or madman 58-59

One can only speculate what drugs Ron was taking when he came up with the following concept of Body Thetans and discussed his out of body vistiations to other planets!
Body thetan clip
space plane and venus audio

Tape 3, August 25, 1998
Lawrence Wollersheim and Jesse Prince
L: Do you have any idea what could have happened?
J: Yeah, he never got the message, or you know, and I just have a theory that I heard, by that time that he was pretty far gone, and couldn’t hold a train of thought anyway.
L: Who else told you Hubbard was pretty far gone and couldn’t hold a train of thought?
J: Rick Aznaran.
L: How would he know that?
J: Because he was there, and the hired farm hands that they had said that — Rick Aznaran related this story to me — that often they would hear L. Ron Hubbard screaming at BTs late in the night. He was heavily medicated with drugs from Dr. Dink like valium, the this the that, and the other thing.
L: Tranquilizers?
J: Tranquilizers, and then he’s experimenting with drugs, he’s getting any kind of drug he wants to from Dink.
L: Any possibility of anti-psychotics?
J: Yeah, I do believe he had some of those too. Rick said there was a cabinet full of all kind of prescription medicine that you could ever imagine when they went to where he was an opened his medicine drawer. He said that amazed him because it’s a strict policy of Scientology not to take any drugs whatsoever, any kind of medical drugs whatsoever. You just don’t take them. And here he had a zillion of them. I’ve also since talked to Dennis Erlich who told me about a person who used to deliver cocaine and marijuana to L. Ron Hubbard, as well as LSD and other things, and knew him just in passing because Dennis was having an association with him or something. They were at some concert together, because Dennis does concerts. They got to talking, Dennis mentioned that he’d been in Scientology, and this person said to him, “Oh, I know L. Ron Hubbard, I used to bring him his drugs up there in Preston where he was.”

Jesse Prince
Hubbard was STRONGLY AGAINST drugs [for OTHER people, in later policy], although he himself consumed huge amounts of drugs and alcohol during most of his life. We also know that in the early days there is plenty of evidence that he experimented with auditing under the influence of drugs [speed, for instance], and used drugs to make his own children pliant and controllable [phenobarbital laced chewing gum, for instance]. Later, he was MOST STRONGLY AGAINST psychedelic drugs like marijuana and LSD, [perhaps because they have very strong anti-hypnotic tendencies, and have the potential to bounce people *OUT* of consensus trance

Despite Ron’s love of both illicit drugs and potent pharmaceuticals, Scientologists are avowedly anti-drug, that is except for the ciggaretes they smoke in imitation of the Great Ron, and they use of booze and coffee. They even have a drug-rehab branch, Narconon, which critics accuse them of using as a front group for collecting new and unsuspecting membership through.
Scientology has numerous such Front Groups, and through these bring many good willed and unsuspecting people into the teachings of Scientology. These include The Association for Better Living and Education, Criminon (which indoctrinates prison inmates into Scientology), the Concerned Businessmen’s Association, Cry Out! (which cashes in on concern for the environment), Applied Scholastics (which trains people in Hubbard’s “Study Technology”) and was popularized by Tom Cruise and most importantly, Narconon.
“Narconon was started by convict and drug addict William Benitez, in the mid-1960s. It claims to be a rehabilitation programme for alcoholics and other drug addicts, and at different times and in different places has gained state support . Hubbard’s interest in the group may have been inspired in part by Crowley’s first published novel in 1922, The Diary of A drug Fiend. A detailed account of drug addiction and the drug experience. It tells the story of a man and a woman who fall madly in love, and travel throughout Europe in a frienzied haze of herion and cocaine usage. When their drug supply is cut off, they face despair, and they turn to the guidance of King Lamus, a master Adept, to free themselves from their addiction through the application of practical Magick. An interesting story that addresses the psychology of drug addiction and its cure through the use of true will.”
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Currently, Narconon works alongside Scientology’s “Say No to Drugs Campaign”, their youth groups “The Drug Free Marshalls and Drug-Free Ambassadors. Narconon is advocated by Scientologist and former cocaine addict, Kirstie Alley.
“The doses of vitamins are so high on the Purification Rundown that they become potentially dangerous (several vitamins are poisonous in high doses; and vitamin B1 can have a disorienting effect similar to that of certain drugs). The Oklahoma Mental Health Board was especially concerned about the use of vitamin B3 in the form of niacin, which in large doses has been connected with liver failure. “Large doses of niacin are administered to patients during the Narconon program to rid the body of radiation. There is no credible scientific evidence that niacin in any way gets radiation out of the patient’s body. Rather, the more credible medical evidence supports the existence of potential medical risks to persons receiving high doses of niacin”. Jon Atack
The Total Freedom Trap:
Scientology, Dianetics And L. Ron Hubbard
by Jon Atack

It is probably Narconon and Scientologies image as a “drug-Free” religion that accounts for the Church’s penetration into more mainstream culture. Currently the Church claims over 8 million members world wide…. The Drug Rehab element of Scientology has been what has attracted a number of stars to the organization

“Celebrities are very Special people and have a very distinct
line of dissemination. They have comm[unication]lines that others do not have and many medias to get their dissemination through”

L. Ron Hubbard, from Flag Order 3323, 9 May 1973
After the death of her father, Lisa Marie presley went through a drug phase–sedatives, marijuana, cocaine–which she says ended after she embraced Scientology.

John Travolta FBI Drug Free marshalls connection,

The Day the Marshals Came to Town
The Drug-Free Marshal badge signifies the status as role models for other children
That commission began on Saturday, April 3, 1993, in the Garden Pavilion at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre in Hollywood.
There, more than 200 pre-teens were welcomed by actor John Travolta, actress Anne Archer, FBI Special Agent Brent Braun and Los Angeles County Marshal Captain Steve Day and others. A sheaf of congratulations and good wishes came to these founding Marshals, as well – from City Hall, the halls of Congress, the Nancy Reagan Foundation, just to name a few.
At that opening event, each youth signed their name to the newly drafted pledge to live a drug-free life, after which Messrs. Travolta and Day swore them in as the world’s first Drug-Free Marshals.
“I am very proud of you for taking this oath, and you should be very proud of it, too,” wrote former First Lady Nancy Reagan in her message to these founding Marshals. “Everyone is counting on you to help other people say NO, and I have always said that there is no better way to stop this menace than for drug-free youths to serve as role models to friends, peers and family members. We are counting on you, and I know you can do it!”
The word – as well as their efforts – quickly spread. With the Clinton administration in need of young guns to provide peer pressure in the “war on drugs,” the Drug-Free Marshals’ focus on both drug education and prevention met with instant agreement. Within weeks of the inaugural LA event, more than 100 youth in the Nation’s Capital were sworn in – this time by the then-U.S. Drug Czar Lee Brown and members of the U.S. Marshals Service.
By year’s end Brown was joined by US Attorney General Janet Reno and Partnership for a Drug-Free America Chairman James E. Burke in welcoming the Marshals to participate in the National Forum on Substance Abuse. Jim Copple, national director for the sponsoring Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America presented this perspective to the import – and impact – of the Drug-Free Marshals’ mission: “The substance abuse coalitions were formed as Americans across the nation began to mobilize at the grassroots level to reclaim their communities from drugs. Drug-Free Marshals is an example of the impact these groups can have on a local drug problem.”

Tom Cruise has donated money to the International Branch of the drug Free Marshalls, the Drug Free Ambassadors, for the publication of an anti-marijuana pamphlet and lobbied the Bush administration at the white House on behalf of Scientology for a piece of the faith based initiative money the Bush administration has been handing out.
It was L. Ron’s direct intent to attract stars and Hollywood types into the organization, and through this the Church has gained a very high profile reputation.
One of the ways the Scientology has become so popular is the extensive work it has put into the Church’s Public Relations campaign. This was not always accomplished through demonstrating good works, and by opening seemingly beneficial front groups such as Narconon, Aplied Scholastics and Criminon. Being faced with so many critics Hubbardites have sometimes resorted to what has been deemed Black PR
pR & Pot
(from HCOPL 13 August 1970 Issue I PR Series 1, in the _Volunteer Minister’s Handbook_, page 454, by L. Ron Hubbard)
PR practitioners of course spread PR about PR. But the use of black PR far exceeds its other uses since the year of 1970. Yet teachers of PR in the smokey cloister (smoke from marijuana) give us only the Sunday School version. According to them *PR* is a nicey-nicey way *of bringing good works to public notice* and that is their favorite definition. In actual fact ten times as much PR work is done in getting rid of someone or something imagined to be dangerous to the PR’s employer. Bribing newspapermen and “free lance writers” to write horrible lies about a competitor, bribing or lying to Congressmen or ministers or Members of Parliament to get a law passed to enable a fast buck to be made and countering the ploys of the other firm’s PR men are the common duties of a working public relations employee. *** END FAIR USE EXTRACT ***
In the above, we see Hubbard teaching that bribing and lying are part of the job of the PR. Another point of note is that the “Public Relations Pack” including the above is part of normal Scientology Volunteer Minister training. Pretty outrageous for a religion, IMHO.

These comments are particularly interesting in relation to comments made by former Scientologists Garry Armstrong :

By far the best, safest, cheapest, holiest protection against $cientology, which virtually anyone with lips and a lung can obtain, is to smoke pot every week.
….A clear message to $cientology, a net oxygen producer, and an aesthetically pleasing addition to any home, is to grow a pot plant… I think wearing hemp shirts, or even wearing ordinary cotton shirts or caps with hemp leaves just emblazoned on them, will also help prevent $cientology from getting just about any wog ®.
There is no credible evidence whatsoever that smoking pot once a week has ever harmed a wog (R), whereas there is overwhelming proof that wogs (R) who smoke pot once a week religiously will not be taken by $cientology. Tobacco smoking offers no protection whatsoever, and has, it can be concluded, negligible physical, psychological or spiritual benefit. Wogs ® can smoke 3 packs a day of any brand or type of tobacco; hell, they can smoke until they’re blue in the face, and $cientology will still take them. In fact the criminal enterprisers running the $cientology operation support and reinforce tobacco smoking and addiction, even luring in tobacco smokers with the promise that smoking, according to L. Ron Hubbard, more tobacco, and not less, will cure their disease. But, though $cientology may get countless people who are dying from smoking tobacco every day, these criminal enterprisers won’t keep you if you smoke pot, as seldom as once a week.
At present there are jurisdictions in which the authorities do not recognize the psychological, physical and spiritual threat that is $cientology. And there are so called authorities who do not recognize the psychological, physical and spiritual need for protection against $cientology. These authorities, and not just those whose duty it is to protect wogs ® against being taken in by $cientology, but legislators, bureaucrats, the whole law profession, media, educators, and health professionals, need to be educated on the danger that is $cientology, and on the rights of wogs ® to reasonable protections. Already there is considerable evidence that an as yet small number of legislators, bureaucrats, lawyers, educators, media celebrities and health professionals have been taken in by $cientology. And what is common among them all is that none of them smoke pot.
Gerry Armstrongs point of view seems to be reinforced by the Scientology funded piece of Drug war propaganda “The Truth About Joints” sites related to scientology which focus on cannabis, such as , the Vancouver Narconon site that has a picture of Marc Emery and a Cannabis day add with the following comments
The Promotion and Marketing of Marijuana is taking the same avenues as legitimately marketable products in BC. You’ll see promotion of pot in magazines, newspaper, given political support, health officers endorsing or failing to denounce it, Judges failing to convict, Newspapers report smoking it, and ‘compassion’ clubs selling it. Marijuana has been positioned below or ‘not as bad as’ alcohol and cigarettes for only one reason: To gain acceptance with an unfamiliar public market, i.e. those who aren’t pot heads or haven’t smoked pot. These positioning efforts are NOT an effort to show how safe marijuana is. If that were true why would the promoters have chosen the two most deadly substances in the world? … Marijuana promoters and pushers would like marijuana to take ranking against the big two of alcohol and tobacco. But who is cashing in on this huge marketing and promotional effort and who is paying for it?

Illegal trade of BC marijuana is between $ 3 and $6 Billion per year. If your selling it or its products (seeds) most likely your harvesting it as a cash crop, lying, hiding your actions and living like a criminal and tax evader or a ghost living off the lives of others. If your buying it you have seen many take stronger drugs, ruin their health, have relationships disintegrate, seen people use and get stoned instead of achieve worthwhile goals and some have seen worse and turned their heads. By taking attention off the results and saying it didn’t happen because of the pot doesn’t change the consequences of this billion dollar business – BC’s largest, from reeling in its toll. “
A similar sinister view can be found on this Scientology sponsored video tht contains footage from the Seattle hempfest.

Whether or not you are worried about the Scientologist, they are certainly worried about you. And the cult’s past history of infiltrating government agency and hiding its identity with the use of front groups cannot be ignore, particularly when it comes to the war on Drugs, for the Scientologist’s ultimate plan for a “clear” planet, means ultimately a Drug-Free planet.

Ron Hubbard died in 1986…..

Despite the death of his mortal body, L. ron Hubbard’s spirit lives on in that of the Rondroids and Hubbardites who have cleared themselves with his techniques, only to download Hubbard/s paranoias and other foibles, as is amply demonstrated by the many accusations and court fights the Church of Scientology continually finds itself embroiled in…..
How far the Cult will take their masters dreams of a scientology based planet, and to what lengths they will go to achieve that ends, poses some scary questions……

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