Cannabis Common Sense #237

Hemp News with Paul Stanford covers each week’s big stories on cannabis. Then Dr. Phillip Leveque, D.O., Ph.D., a physician and retired medical school professor of pharmacology and toxicology, and Don Dupay, a social worker and retired Portland Police detective, join Paul to take viewers’ phone calls. Tonight’s guests are Fred Gardner, who writes a weekly column on cannabis for a Northern California newspaper and is publisher of the new medical marijuana magazine, Shaunessie’s, and Madeline Martinez, director of Oregon NORML, talks about the upcoming Portland, Oregon medical cannabis quality awards. Tonight’s two video clips are, first, an excerpt from a 1996 documentary on the San Francisco Cannabis Buyer’s Club, and an excerpt from the new video from Miss MaryJane, Cooking with Cannabis. Hemp News: Cannabis Inhibits Neurodegeneration of Multiple Sclerosis and Huntington’s Disease; our group, THCF, prepares to sue the Oregon Health Sciences University Liver Transplant program for denying transplants to medical cannabis patients and at least one patient solely on legally prescribed Marinol; Marc Emery is planning on smoking in front of Calgary’s police headquarters; and two Oregon men are sentenced in the Pennsylvania US Federal Internet paraphenalia sting, “Operation Pipe Dream.”