High Society – Prohibitionist Cheeze

“Say NO! to drugs” (’86 National Parents Federation For Drug-Free Youth & Pride) and “Caninabis” (’93, NFB, animated) are the latest two smarmy, trite, un-informed anti-autonomy BS library tapes to be recontextualized by DML’s noodle. Watch Carlton E. Turner (Reagan’s drug czar) argue that AIDS and Herpes – two conditions commonly treated by cannabis – are caused by cannabis use!
“What I’m most concerned about is the suseptability of young children and teenagers to the risks of experimentation … they first taking drugs for pleasure and then … to deal with problems!”

YIKES! What next? Skateboarding? Coloring our hair? We thought “pleasure” and “dealing with problems” were PART of medicine.

Oh well. What do you expect from the coffee, tobacco, alcohol, thalidomide crowd anyway?

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