Chris Bennett talks to Manitoba Hemp Hero John Woods From Prison

Who Says No One Is In Jail In Canada For Possession?
Manitoba Activist John Woods of Sweet Hemptations, has been put in jail for allegedly smoking a joint. After opening his store and lifting the hemp flag in Dauphin with pride and style John caught the attention of the local Police who were not interested in dealing with the excessive vandalism and stealing in the area and instead decided to focus on persecuting pot-activists, apparently seen as “Public Enemy Number One”. Last night, a month after busting John for his small single light personal grow, the police decided to pay John an evening visit and picked him up and put him in jail for allegedly smoking a joint with a guest. Based on the frightened guests statement that John shared a joint with him, they are charging John with breach of bail and trafficking!
When Marc Emery couldn’t make the Dauphin stop-over of his Cross-Country Smoke-Out Tour because he was in the Notorious Winnipeg Remand Center for 1/2 gram John Woods had the courage to lead the Dauphin crowd in the face of 40 angry cops. Now it’s up to us the Cannabis Community to return the favor!
Call the Dauphin Correctional Center and Police and tell them to Free John Woods and to stop harassing and persecuting Proud Pot People like John!

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I was arrested on June 16th following a raid on Sweet Hemptations and Stephanie Hunter’s residence where I reside. The information on which the warrants were obtained was false. The information came from 2 confidential informants, one of which said they saw one pound of hash and one pound of a hard green cannabis resin in Sweet Hemptations on June 16th, a day when I was known to be in Saskatchewan. There was no substance or funds recovered. The Police’s position on this is that I must have gotten rid of it before they arrived. The second confidential informant claims he was invited in to my grow room within 30 hours of the raid. Nobody except Stephanie had been in our home until after the raid. As well as the fact that Stephanie herself was unaware of the small grow for my personal use. The small grow consisted of six two foot plants in flower, 9 seedlings and 40 – 50 dead and dying unrooted clones. These were for my personal medicinal use. I suffer from chronic back pain and severe arthritis as a result of a vehicle accident where the vehicle rolled end over end five times. My doctor at the time was prescribing me 50 Tylenol 3’s every two weeks which began to take it’s toll on my body. This has caused me to pass blood when I use the restroom. In search of safer herbal medicines that would be easier on my system, I decided to use cannabis. After approaching my doctor about alternative medicine I was told he would continue to provide Tylenol 3’s and put me on disability if I chose. The doctor would not discuss cannabis use with me because his brother died of a heroin overdose in India. Knowing full well that I would never be granted a section 56 under the new tougher regulations, my only hope to avoid the chemical laden pot of the black market was to quietly grow medicine for my own personal use. Through this I was able to continue a somewhat normal life and continue to manage my daily duties of generating tax dollars through Sweet Hemptations, rather than being a tax burden on other tax payers. I must say at this time I have never sold, given, or shared my medicine with others in fear of being found out.
After being arrested I was held in custody for four days before being released on a $10,000 bail, an amount far beyond what child molesters and rapists are released on. I was released with sever conditions that amount to house arrest for the duration of my case. We dominated the local press for two weeks straight and held a couple of very successful rallies with ton of support. On the one month mark since the raid of Sweet Hemptations I was (as a lawyer put it) named public enemy number one by constable Dodier to the Crown Prosecuter. This is because I spend every waking moment fighting for and educating the public about the magic healing powers of cannabis. I keep promoting and holding rallies as well as I drive a truck covered with pot leaves, while screaming cannabis is legal. As you well know they hate this.
On July 16th at approximately 9:00pm 3 police cars arrived at my house in what I though was a curfew check under the conditions of my release. When I saw the officers I went outside to present myself and closed the door behind me and met the officers approximately 10-15 feet away from my house. I said “No worries guys I’m still here.” Constable Dodier (the original arresting officer and head of the Narco Division) told me “That’s good John now turn around you are under arrest for breach of your release conditions as an off duty officer saw you in Saskatchewan.” I complied and asked to phone my lawyer. I was told, “Yeah, yeah in time.” I proceeded to demand I be allowed to access my legal counsel and was refused until sometime after being at the station. What happened next was mind boggling to me. Constable Dodier said to me, “And I smell marijuana.” He then pushed by me and headed for the front door. I said, “You have not got my permission to enter my house, stay out with out a warrant.” He said “Yeah, yeah, I smell marijuana in there,” and entered the house anyways.
The legalities of this I am unsure. Due to a condition on my release giving permission for one walk through between my release and the end of my case. Once inside I was told they spent 2 hours ripping my house apart looking for pot that was never found. Although a good uneducated government employed friend was held in my house and interrogated and threatened with loosing his cushy job for two hours. Finally not knowing how lese to get himself out of this situation he admitted smoking a joint with me which led my second breach to abstain from any non-prescription medicine and a trafficking charge for pot that never materialized For passing an alleged joint. So with this mastermind plan I am back in jail facing new charges that may ultimately lose my $10,000 cash and no further chance of release before my earliest possible trial date more than six months from now. Legal counsel assures me he believes in my cause and case but needs $2000 up front before he continues as well he will not even entertain the Parker/McAllister/Rogin decisions until my trial. His advice to me is to ask the crown what they are after and plead out. Unless I want to sit here 6 months waiting to go to trial because he feels we have a strong case??? I have also been told the Crown will probably start at two years under the circumstances although ultimately he feels I may be looking at a sentence and a large fine.
So let’s recap so far I have had my home invaded twice now, jailed 2 times, lost all my records for Sweet Hemptation virtually crippling our company including my website computer. My doors are destroyed, I lost my reverse osmosis machine for drinking water, I lost my satellite receiver, and all my medicine. I have been denied access to my store in Yorkton, Saskatchewan which is 2 hours from Dauphin so it remains unopened. I was forced to drain our accounts and borrow as much money as I could to raise $10,000 that I most likely lost now. Our store name has been dragged through the mud even though it had nothing to do with my case. Our bank will not deal with us and our business insurance cancelled on us due to a report that was released by the RCMP stating Sweet Hemptations had $110,000 worth of pot growing at the store. Before my next possible court date I will have spent 10 days in jail and one month on house arrest. Sweet Hemptations lost 25 dozen sunglasses, 12 watches, I safe was destroyed, my entire 10 year collection of Cannabis Culture. I am so much pain I cannot possibly hold down food so I am living on cups of coffee for nourishment.
I have entertained the idea of representing myself only to be told that I would have no access to any information needed as long as I am in this jail, due to a ban on this type of contraband in this jail. This includes my own case and file. So much for my rights. In my opinion if there ever was case that the punishment exceeded the crime, this is it! This is all being done to me under the excuse of my previous criminal record of alcohol and cocaine. Even thought these things are all more than seven years old with no trouble. Whenever I try to discuss points with my counsel he says they don’t care look at your record.” I do not know where to turn for as the lawyer I have is suppose to be the bests in the area and claims to beat Constable Dodier 4 out of 5 times on bad search warrants alone. To date I have 10 current charges. All of theses charges are stemming from a raid designed to stop me from consuming cannabis medicine in a time where the government claims compassion, decrime and even more so no law know to the criminal code of Canada.
Police have claimed my web cam in my office has been entered as a high tech surveillance system to protect my crop. How I do not know. I have been charged with unsafe storage of a firearm (22 long rifle) that police claim that was also used to protect my crop, even though it was found on a separate property 2 1/2 miles from my home and admittedly owned by another individual. The police used this to make me appear dangerous and raise my bail. All along I have been assured that this will be made correct at the end of the day, until now. Now I may never get a chance to fight for my rights without serving more time then if I am guilty. May I remind you during a period where there is no cannabis laws known to the Criminal Code of Canada.
Everyone I talk to agrees that there is no law at the same time those same people tell me until they hear different it is the business as usual. I do not know how to proceed? Is there a way to present this to the courts before what they call an early trial date minimum six months away? And six months from now if I win my argument, do I really win? Having lost all that is important to me including my health? As an activist I tell myself that is not the important part. All those who will be spared this agony in the future are more important then the burden I carry. As turmoil and loneliness set in as I ponder my choices. I admit there was a time I could careless for my freedom when I was much younger and healthier and had no responsibilities. There are hundreds of people who rely on me to fight on for them as well as thousands who rely on my daily teachings and motivations through Sweet Hemptations a store which I created to be our culture’s place of sanctuary, a place where no one is judged and all are free to express there cannabis views without fear. I have always felt our countries hemp stores are a symbol in every community equal to a church or chapel of God.

Rotting in the name of justice with my head high but not high

John “Kidhemp” Woods