Cannabis Common Sense #234

Hemp News with Paul Stanford, then Paul is joined by Rick Symanski, spokesperson for the Oregon Cannabis Initiative, and Don Dupay, retired Portland Police detective and social worker. Video excerpts are shown from “Miss MaryJane’s Cloning: A Step by Step Guide,” and from Ed Forchion, the New Jersey Weedman’s documentary, “No Free Speech- No Fair Trial,” about how producing TV ads against the drug war landed this activists in jail for 6 months. We also critique a US Govt. anti-drug ad aimed at marijuana users. Hemp News: Oregon’s medical marijuana license fee is lowered; US federal government backs off prosecution of medical marijuana patients in the NorthWest USA; and a Nevada newspaper editorial against the Bush attempt to get the US Supreme Court to let the DEA strip physicians who help medical marijuana patients of their license to prescribe drug.
Oregon Cannabis Initiative