High Society – “Impairment test” or “Swab”?

Folks in Utah are now required to stick their toungues out and allow cops to steal their spit! DML announces the arrival of the “RapiScan” saliva swabber, then attacks the “inherent impairment” myth. Watch for the clip of alcoholics trying to walk a straight line from “COPS – too HOT for TV!” (1996)

Logan Police Receive A Grant To Test The Saliva Of DUI Suspects

Saturday, June 28, 2003

by Tasha Williams
Salt Lake Tribune (email) (web)

Logan City, Utah — Members of The Logan City Police Department have received a $5,800 grant to launch a one-year pilot study using a saliva swab to detect drugs in a driver suspected of DUI.

RapiScan swabs take a portion of the driver’s saliva and disclose what drugs, if any, are in the driver’s system. It will be used the way Breathalyzer tests now test for alcohol. If the driver fails the test, he or she will then take a blood test that would be admissible in court.

The study is the first in the country to use the device on drivers.

Logan Police Department Sgt. Dennis Simonson requested the grant from State Crime Prevention Grants, which funds community-based programs.

“For $5,800 it was worth the risk, so to speak, to test out some new technology,” said Susan Burke, director of the Utah Substance Abuse and Anti-Violence Coordinating Council (USAAV).

Because other communities may duplicate the study, the USAAV council was more willing to fund the pilot project, Burke said.

A representative from the swab’s manufacturer, Cozart, will train the department over the Fourth of July weekend, Simonson said.

Officers will start using the swabs July 1 to detect cocaine, methamphetamines, marijuana and opiates.

The swab’s only use so far is in juvenile probation and parole testing in New Mexico and California.

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