Freedom to Alter Our Consciousness Is A Charter Right

David Aaron will be a featured speaker at Entheogenesis: Exploring Humanity’s Relationship with Sacred Plants, Past, Present and Future, Jan 31 to Feb 1, 2004.

Fanny Kiefer talks to Vancouver based Lawyer David Aaron about his potential Charter Argument that Charter Rights which Guarantee Freedom of Thought, should also apply to Freedom to Alter One’s Own Consciousness.
“Entheogens are merely agents of consciousness. By prohibiting entheogens, the state is, in effect, regulating the mental environment.

The mind is private: there is nothing more interior and nothing more central to individual autonomy than one’s
consciousness. What goes on inside a person’s skull must be protected from intrusion. The state has no business
prescribing which states of consciousness or ideas are permissible and which are not. To do so would be to encroach into a private domain.

Personal decisions about how to manage one’s interior thought processes are essential to individual autonomy.
Thoughts and human consciousness are beyond the regulatory ambit of government. By attempting to regulate the mental environment and by restricting the permissible range of
consciousness, the prohibition law extends the regulatory arm of the state to encroach into a private domain.

The ultimate battle for civil liberties must target the invisible machinery of mental control for it is essentially within the arena of human consciousness that our fate as a
planetary species lies.

David Aarron