Marc Emery Arrested in Winnipeg

Marc Emery was arrested today in Winnipeg in an effort to educate the Winnipeg Police that there is currently no law in Canada against marijuana. Unwilling to face reality, the Winnipeg Police arrested Marc Emery for possession of the bowl of marijuana he was smoking, and as they claimed no magistrate was available, they will hold him in the Winnioeg Remand Center overnight, and Marc will then represent himself in the morning session. We encourage all Marijuana activists and Marc Emery Supporters to phone the Winnipeg Police and demand they set Marc Emery Free. Phone the Winnipeg Police at (204)986-6037, (204)986-6222 or fax (204)944-8468. Also try these #s
wpg police HQ – (204) 986 6246
wpg police public affairs — (204) 986 8356
Mayors office (204) 986 2196
George McFall [email protected]
Correctional Supervisor
Winnipeg Remand Centre