High Society – The glass pipe industry

Glass ban at Seattle Hempfest? DML interviews a glass blower and a glass dealer and shows some choice clips from the colorful and informative documentary: “Taboo Glass”. Phat show.
For the latest information on the glass situation, check out these stories from Cannabis Culture.

CC43 Bong shops under attack!
by Reverend Damuzi and Dana Larsen (20 May, 2003) DEA attacks dozens of headshops, seizing stores, homes, and websites.


From a recent Tommy Chong “chat” online interview:

Q: Jerome Thomas of Riverwest – Do you still smoke marijuana? If you don’t mind me asking how often? I was told that nobody has ever died from marijuana…despite all the alcohol related deaths, please help me understand why the laws are so strict against a substance that has never killed anyone, and alcohol is perfectly legal and acceptable.

A: Tommy Chong – If I knew I wouldn’t be in trouble with the Feds right now. I quit smoking a month ago. I am only going to smoke where it is legal – in Canada and Amsterdam.


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