Underground Indiana #5

Reverend “Jay” Burns talks about the 6th Annual Jacksonville Hemp Fest that was Marred by Police Violence when the narcs tried to illegally search Ronnie Smith A.K.A. Reverend Roland A. Duby sending him to the hospital.
Also on this show a letter from Juror Charles Sackett. He tries to Clear Smoke in Medical Marijuana Case and he says he’s thankful ” We were able to speak out that this was wrong. I am thankful that in my country, we have First Amendment rights.“ Referring to the judge that deceived him and the rest of the jurors to wrongfully convict Ed.
What has Bush said about Medical Marijuana? I’ll tell ya… Rev. Burns goes on to explain to John Walters its Not Crisco; you use that to cook with. Jesus used Holy Cannabis oil to heal the sick as explained in the bible.

The Rev. ask please send these links to everyone they know: www.stopthedrugwar.org/truthintrials & www.raiseyourvoice.com

Scripture from the New International Version:
Exodus 20:16
Mark 6:13
James 5:14
Luke 10:34