Prince of Pot and the Toronto Pot & Police Puff Down

Marc Emery will Smoke and Possess Marijuana in Toronto!In Ontario, Canada, you can walk the streets freely with your marijuana. You can smoke marijuana anywhere it is legal to smoke tobacco. Think of the possibilities. The Rogin decision stands as Ontario’s acknowledged LAW OF THE PROVINCE. Toronto police have said they will not charge anyone for cannabis possession, but will attempt to take away anyone’s pot they see with it. COME JOIN ME AT TORONTO POLICE HQ (College St., west of Yonge) FOR A MARIJUANA SMOKING & POSSESSING DEMONSTRATION at 4.20 p.m. on THURSDAY, JUNE 19.

We must assert our LAWFUL RIGHT TO POSSESS MARIJUANA and have the police acknowledge that under the current law, they have NO LAWFUL AUTHORITY TO SEIZE MY POT (OR YOUR POT).

I will be speaking on the regressive proposals by the Federal Government, on the obligation of marijuana smokers to assert their identity and their freedom. These are momentous times and I hope you will join me in kicking off the Summer of Legalization 2003.

Bring your marijuana, bring your pipes, bring your friends, bring a good vibe, to

Toronto Police Headquarters,
College, west of Yonge,
Thursday, June 19, 4.20 p.m.