Pot TV News for June 7th, 2003

Pot TV Manager Chris Bennett fills in on a sunny Saturday, with no hosts or techies in the studio, for a bare bones newscast
-Ed Rosenthal Get’s 1 Day Time Served in Publicized Federal US Trial
-Federal Authororities Concerned Over Lenient Sentence in Rosenthal Case
-Medical Marijuana Activist Sues City Over Raid
-Marijuana Prevention Initiative Launched
-Toronto PoliceNo Longer Laying Charges for Simple Possession

“I am in Toronto June 18 – 22 and I will be smoking joints in front of Toronto Police HQ daring the police to take away my legal marijuana. If its legal to possess and no charges are being laid, then you aren’t under arrest. If you aren’t under arrest, how can they search you or remove anything from your person. They are going to have to tackle me to get that marijuana out of my hand.”

“If anyone would like to join me in my TORONTO POLICE HQ SMOKE -In on Thursday, June 19. Get in touch.”
Marc Emery