Prince of Pot: War on Terror? Why Bongs and not Bombs?

Marc reflects on some of the grim news that has hit the Global Cannabis comunity in the last week. Major Drug War Agenda statements from the UN and the USA, combined raids of bong manufacturers and the redirecting of their websites traffic to DEA sites alongside the recording of the browsers ip address indicate the end of free speech. Marc backs Operation Peace-Pipe as a temporary solution and points to changing attitudes in Canada despite foriegn pressure as well as another shot at Canada’s Supreme Court in the Spring as possible rays of hope.
From Richard Cowan


Hence, I am proposing Operation Peacepipe.

Like Operation Smokescreen, with which it is completely compatible, Operation Peacepipe would use legal herbs as a form of political expression.

As I wrote in 1999, Headshops should carry an assortment of herbs, which should be promoted at “point of sale” with little placards, and displayed throughout the store side-by-side with the bongs and pipes and papers. People should be explicitly encouraged to buy the herbs to be used in such a way as to undermine the enforcement of the marijuana laws.

No subterfuge, no pretense.

This is an explicitly political action. Indeed, smoking the herbs should be a form of political protest. Thus an herbal “smoke-in” could be a perfectly legal way to protest absurdity of marijuana prohibition.

The police want to shut down headshops – not because they give a damn about the health of their customers – but rather because they recognize that these places are a visible manifestation of defiance. They are also where magazines about marijuana are sold, and where marijuana users can be reassured that they are not alone.

So people who sell things related to marijuana, things that could be used to smoke marijuana, should also sell other herbs that can be used in the pipes and bongs. People who use marijuana – and people who don’t use marijuana, but who oppose marijuana prohibition – should buy these herbs and smoke/burn them and/or display them.

Just as herbal joints can be used to make an important political statement, and help undermine abusive police practices, glass art pipes – smoked with a legal herb – should be used in protests against marijuana prohibition. Earlier this year in Stockport, England, I saw the police arrest and then have to release a demonstrator who smoked a legal herb in a ordinary bong in front of the Court House.

The glass art pipes should be proudly displayed as a part of our culture and how much it has to offer society. And the media should love it. Great graphics!

Obviously, the choice of the name Operation Peacepipe is a reference to the Native American practice of smoking herbal tobacco in a ritualistic way as a shared sacrament to promote peace. It is also intended to demonstrate that ending the war cannabis can bring desperately needed social peace to our society.

MarijuanaNews will reach out to and try to recruit the glass art industry, but they must see that the beauty of their art, which is as fragile as our freedom, depends on our freedom to see it.

I call upon glass artists to defend their art, and for the cannabis community to use more creative ways to defend everyone’s freedom.


An easy way to check out a website “anonymously”, that is, hopefully
without any specific info on where you’re browsing from, is to use a
web-based proxy service like, where one can enter a URL
and have that website relayed through this “cleaning” service.
Unfortunately, this particular site restricts certain sites until a paid
membership is bought, and our sites are on their paid access list. 3
months costs $10.

One problem with membership in an American company is that it is
possible that their records would be subpoenaed, but I don’t think this
happens, at least not regularly.

Apparently, during the dot-com years there used to be many more of these,
and free, but these services are no longer available.

There is also the option of setting a proxy servers in your interet
preferences, so that you can use your own browser directly. The best case
scenario is linking several proxy servers together, like proxied proxies,
preferably with each proxy in a different country.

Some proxies only allow certain web functions, and may block javascript,
cookies, or images to save their bandwidth or complexity.

Here is a page (from italy, I think) describing this further, with a few
proxy links. There’s also a free web proxy here that removes images but
is free.


If you want to try this and if it makes sense, give it a whirl. Read this whole page to the bottom first!
I was able to set-up my netscape & IE to use an anonymous server = untraceable.

Start by going here and write down your IP #s:::::

Find proxy servers by downloading this:::: “proxyrama” (to get the #s to use in your browsers)

Then once you find the new proxy server numbers and ports using proxyrama………

annonimity useing explorer and netscape tut by poolman55
Wed Jan 29, 2003 6:23 am [Add User to Ignore List] [Reply with quote]
I know most of you already have this info ,but someone pm’ed me asking how it is done.So rather then answer this question two ar three times i will just put the answer here for all to see

just use a anom proxy in you browser

for dialup settings

If you are using IE go to tools,internet option,connection,highlight your dialup,then click on setting’s.Put a check where it says proxy server then type in your proxy EX. then put in your port # EX. 8080
make sure you uncheck automatically detect settings.Then click ok then click apply click ok then you are done

If you are using NETSCAPE
Click on Edit then preference.Click on the sign beside advance.Click on proxy. Next click on manual proxy configuration,click view.Type in your proxy and port in both the HTTP:and Sercurity column
EX. then put in your port # EX. 8080 Click ok then click ok again ,then you are done

this is writen by poolman55

Once that is done, go here and see the numbers change:::
If you choose a proxy server that is ‘location unknown’………your anonymous

If you have broadband internet hookup, go to that and go into the forums and search, there is a way to do it.