Cannabis Common Sense #205

Hemp News, with Paul Stanford, the Dr. Phillip Leveque, D.O.,Ph.D., Madeline Martinez of Oregon NORML, and Don Dupay, a retired police detective are live on-the-air for viewers phone calls. We have film clips from “Emperor of Hemp,” about Jack Herer, from “Sex, Drugs and Democracy,” about how the Netherlands allows what we prohibit, and from “Hemp Revolution,” about hemp and cannabis around our planet, by an award-winning Australian producer. Hemp News: US feds prosecute Calif. medical caregiver for 20 plants; San Jose, CA police chief pulls officers from DEA task force in protest of their use to arrest medical patients; US Drug Czar threatens Canada for considering pot decrim (10 US states have pot decrim); new study shows Nevada will raise over $26 million in state revenue by legalizing and taxing marijuana, and polls show Question 9 in dead heat with less than 3 weeks till vote at 46% for, 46% against, 8% undecided.