The Pot TV News for October 14, 2002


McWilliams Out on Bail After Federal Charges
Medical-marijuana activist Steven McWilliams was arrested on federal drug charges yesterday morning, with law enforcement officers quietly taking him into custody outside his Normal Heights home as he walked his dogs.

Drug Czar Escalates Anti-Pot Rhetoric
U.S. drug czar John Walters reaches new lows in his holy war on pot.

Mike Patriquen Still Denied Medicine
“I am in constant pain, 24 hours a day. Due to the nausea created by the pain, I am able to eat little – and most of that comes back up. Rather than sleep, I lie quietly and hope to drift into a state of semi-consciousness, which happens from time to time for periods of 20 minutes or so – until I am jolted awake by a new arrow of pain.”

Pot TV News Editorial:
If you like cannabis, you’re going to love the future!

Dr. Robert Melamede
Cannabis and Mental Illness

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“Tyranny of the Pinheads”