Cannabis Common Sense #197

Shannon Floyd and Paul Stanford bring you an extensive Hemp News report live on July 26, then Jeff & Tracy come on with Paul and talk about their media campaign in Seattle, Portland, & San Francisco announcing, “We’re your good neighbors and we smoke pot” and more. We also have Jeff & Tracy’s Seattle Hempfest ad, an excerpt from CNN’s Crossfire with NORML’s Keith Stroup debating DEA witch-doctor Asa Hutchinson, Wyoming Democratic nominee for Secretary of State Jim Fagan announces he is for marijuana legalization, and Paul takes a few phone calls with questions on medical marijuana. Hemp News: Nevada qualifies for a vote for legal adult marijuana use and polls show a tie now; Canada warned not to relax drug laws; a note from a Doctor can clear criminal charges in California says the CA state Supreme Court; protestors support medical marijuana federal victim Brian Eppis, a patient being sentenced to 10 years in US federal prison for helping sick people and Mikki Norris weighs in on the significance of the Eppis case; conservative and liberals unite for a medical marijuana bill in the US Capitol, but it’s unlikely to advance; and the San Francisco city government places a vote on the November ballot for the city to grow and distribute medical marijjuana, since the US federal government has arrested and charged city-approved private workers for lengthy federal prison terms.