High Society – drugwar propaganda – part 1

This week we touch on the media myths and the real deal regarding the terms “decrim”, “treatment”, and “bad drugs”. (Next week: “Medicine” and “Use/Abuse”)
Education involves questions. Propaganda is all one direction – no debate – and usually twists the truth for the one paying the piper.

If you don’t believe me that the “decrim” actually means “mandatory treatment”, check out the following:

“Reform MP wants pot decriminalized”
Febuary 12, 1997, Province

A reform MP from Vancouver Island wants marijuana decriminalized. But Keith Martin, a medical doctor from Esquimalt, says that doesn’t mean pot should be legalized. He says penalties should be increased for marijuana possession, with much higher fines being used for MANDATORY TREATMENT PROGRAMS for POT SMOKERS” (my emphasis)

If that doesn’t scare you, check out these shows and their links (especially the last of the three):




If you don’t believe me when I tell you the CIA moves the crack into the hood, watch this:


If you think it’s not as bad as we say it is, check out the stats here:


If you don’t know much about coca farmers protesting chemical spray (today’s Zyclon B) then check out this website:


or go to www.dogpile.com and search all this info out for yourself.

The truth is, for those who choose to look at the chemical companies, prison builders and other drug war profiteers behind the curtain… and get to the truth…..the REAL DEAL …. it’s out there … it’s only a search engine away … we are living in the age of information, and all the rackets that are based upon lies are now being challenged by those of us who are in charge of our own education.

And the ranks of the self-educated is growing every day.