Prince of Pot: Our 5 Conditions for Peace

Marc comments on recent news regarding the decriminalization of cannabis in Britain and Canada’s consideration of following their example.
In response, Marc gives us the BCMP’s 5 Conditions for Peace.
1. The legalization of cannabis, and then as quickly as possible to all other herbs and entheogens.

2. NO regulatory controls on who may cultivate and distribute cannabis: marijuana, hashish, hemp and all their by-products. No government controls on the economic aspect of our culture is to be permitted. (No provincial marijuana control boards, or quotas in cultivation, no discriminatory licensing requirements for vending, etc.).

3. That all Canadians convicted of any cannabis related offense are to receive a complete and unconditional pardon from the Government of Canada and to have their cannabis convictions expunged from the record.

4. That all money, legal fees, a per-diem sum for each day spent in jail, property (to the 1995 value) to be restituted to all victims (or their heirs) of cannabis prosecution. Such payments to be paid for from income taxes, sales tax and GST revenue on the sale of cannabis goods and produce (in such cases as taxes are fairly applicable), thus not increasing the tax or economic burden on Canadians to rectify this outrage.

5. An official apology from the Prime Minister of Canada to the effect that the government acknowledges its 72-year war on cannabis and cannabis consumers was a vicious, murderous bigotry with no legitimate health concerns whatsoever. The apology must express regret and order a cessation of this cultural genocide and admit it was a ceaseless persecution of Canadians of the cannabis culture for no valid reason whatsoever.