Burning Shiva: Dana Beal on Ibogaine and Marijuana

Pot TV manager Chris Bennett, talks to longtime New York Marijuana activist Dana Beal, organizer of the world wide million marijuana march, about the results of 35 years of pot activism and the possibilities of the future.
Dana also discusses his work regarding the use of the powerful plant extract ibogaine in the treatment of addiction and plans for an Iboga Conference in November at the Vancouver BCMP Headquarters as part of Marc Emery’s upcoming Mayorial campaign.
Sex, Drugs, Violence and the Bible
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Here’s what the Critics are saying about Sex, Drugs, Violence and the Bible

“Scholarly, hip, witty and extremely well documented… This book might cause a revolution in biblical studies!”
-Robert Anton Wilson, Philosopher, Author and Lecturer

“…SEX, DRUGS, VIOLENCE AND THE BIBLE is…excellent… especially in its
detailing the early history… politics… [and]the… seamy sides of
Christianity… Read Bennett before rereading the Bible!”
-Jonathon Ott, Entheobotanist, Author and Lecturer

“I love this information. Jesus used cannabis for healing and enlightenment!”
-Dana Larsen, Editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine