DIRECT ACTION: June 6th DEA Protests & Canadian Cops with American Agendas

On June 6th a coalition of Canadian and American Groups will take Direct Action against the DEA in response to their persecution of the long established medical Marijuana Clubs in California.
Followed by, Canadian Cops with American Agendas. Canadian Cops like Chuck Doucette and Scott Rintoul, who have been hard peddaling the American War on Drugs in Canada, are exposed as the potential traitors they are. Take Action Now!
For info about June 6 Protests….
Pot TV and friends will be at the US consolate 1095 W. Pender – where the May 4th rally was held) at Noon – 12PM. Please be there, bring lots of friends and a sign expressing how you feel about the DEA here in Canada and how you feel about them attacking the cannabis compassion clubs in the USA.

For info on how to be a part of or initiate a rally in your area, check out the folks at They also provide ways to contact the DEA rep in your area….so you can tell Darth Vader and the rest of them Sith just what you think of their insidious plans.
For press and other addresses check out

For someone Canadian to complain to, try the Solicitor General of Canada (apparently, that’s the person to officially complain to about the presence of a foreign army of doobious nature on our soverign soil…they have quietly taken responsibility for the mess)….or if you would like to talk to the DEA’s favorite antidrug dude in Van…

Staff Sergeant Chuck Doucette – RCMP Drug Awareness Service – 4949 Heather St., Vancouver, V5Z 1K6

Tel. 604 264 3029
Fax. 604 264 2649

[email protected]

Here’s a sample letter that can be used as a template for your own letter about Chuck Doucette that can be sent to the media or politicians as reasons why Chuck should resign.

RCMP Sgt. Chuck Doucette is a Canadian Cop with an American Agenda… What’s worse is Doucette is using our Canadian tax dollars and his position with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to achieve it. Doucette likey received his agenda well acting as a leading representative in Canada for “D.A.R.E.” a Los Angeles Police Department-created drug-miseducation program founded by Chief Darryl Gates who stated publicly that “casual drug users should be taken out and shot”. Through his work with DARE Doucette was one of the main Speakers at the International Drug Education and Awareness Symposium – IDEAS – which was hosted by the Drug Free America Foundation and had the American agenda of “examining Canada’s permissive drug policy”.

A conference advertised with bold-faced lies such as “Medical Marijuana Kills Like Tobacco”, IDEAS was an aggressive attempt to subvert Canada’s Federal Medical Marijuana Program and swing towards Harm reduction instead of enforcement. IDEAS has come under scrutiny and investigations are under way regarding 1) the use of Police vehicles to pick up American delegates from the airport, and 2) the posting of private criminal records and personal profiles at an event that was closed to reporters and members of the public. This in a city in which the Mayor, Council and leading members of the police force have been pushing a trend towards decriminilization and voluntary treatment. This in a country that has a federal medical marijuana program.

In his role as a DARE representative Doucette has spread such reefer-madness lies as “marijuana combines the two largest killers – alcohol and tobacco together in one drug” and “The new marijuana is highly addictive. The experts are seeing a rapid increase in behavioral problems among users. There are acts of aggression, leading to assaults and even murders.” History has shown the failure of the DARE program in the USA, it just dares kids to do drugs, and when there fed such lies about marijuana, then they think they have been lied to about the other drugs as well.

Doucette, “would like to see higher sentences” for cannabis and drug users and feels “the federal government is not showing the necessary leadership to help us get rid of drugs.” Since when is it the job of a police officer to direct the actions of our elected officials? Not only is Doucette using his position and Canadian tax-dollars to peruse this agenda, but his involvement with American groups such as DARE and the Drug Free America Foundation, shows he is willing to try and sell the Canadian public the failure of the American Drug war. With 5% of the world’s population America has 25% of the world’s prisoners, over half of those in jail are in on drug charges, 1 in 5 is in on marijuana charges, often simple possession. Do we really want to mirror such an atrocity in Canada?

In 1999, when asked if the US DEA (the US drug Enforcement Agency founed by Richard Nixon durring his presidency) was involved with a Canadian crackdown on pot growers, Doucette, responded “I wish”. The DEA, who have taken the American war on Drugs to numerous foriegn countries, has dismissed harm reduction information and the well established history of industrial and medical use of cannabis as “side issues”, and is “unequivocally opposed” to legalizing even industrial hemp – recently cracking down on hemp seed sales in the US.

With a DEA office now open in Vancouver and combined DEA RCMP undercover sting operations taking place in Canada, Chuck’s wishes have come to pass. With statements from the US Drug Czar’s office that differences between the two nations drug policies could come to “blows” and threatening trade sanctions and slow downs at the border if Canada continues with it’s medical marijuana program and swing towards “radical drug Policy”, do we really need a Canadian Cop being paid to push the American agenda on Canadians? Chuck Doucette needs to either resign or be removed from his position so he can push his American drug War Agenda from the private sector, with private sector money. Let’s keep our children safe from the bloody, immoral, American War On (some) Drug users, let’s keep our kids safe from Chucky!

Bad iDEAs Fallout
Pubdate: Mon, 13 May 2002
Source: Vancouver Courier (CN BC)
Copyright: 2002 Vancouver Courier
Contact: [email protected]
Author: Mike Howell

One of the Vancouver police officers whose involvement in an anti-drug conference last weekend is under scrutiny says he joined the controversial organization because he believes in its philosophy.
Const. Toby Hinton declined to discuss his role in the conference while it’s under review, but said that like Bob and Lynda Bentall, who formed the International Drug Education and Awareness Society, he doesn’t believe “harm reduction” methods like safe-injection sites would solve the city’s drug crisis. Harm reduction is one of the four pillars in Mayor Philip Owen’s drug policy.
“I don’t want to slam the mayor because I think that he’s got a real tough position and he’s trying to do the best he can and it’s just there may be, individually, some philosophical differences,” said Hinton, who, along with Const. Al Arsenault is a vice-president of the society.
“As an individual-not as a representative of any police department-I think [safe-injection sites] are based on fallacious logic and I think that it’s going to make Vancouver more of a cesspool than it’s going to do any good. We should be looking at getting people out of the sewer rather than making them comfortable in their toilet bowl.”
Hinton said he and Arsenault met the Bentalls a few years ago and began volunteering their time with the society last year with the aim of setting up the invitation-only IDEAS Symposium. The society brought in doctors and police from Europe and the United States for the conference, held at the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre May 1 to 3.
The constables’ participation in the conference-and that of fellow officers Chris Graham and Gerry Wickstead-came to the attention of Owen and their boss, Chief Terry Blythe, after allegations surfaced Tuesday that officers used a police vehicle to pick up delegates at the airport and that one officer used a police information computer to obtain criminal records and post them at the conference, with the names blacked out.
Owen told the Courier he wants to know who approved the use of the Canadian Police Information Computer and the police car. Owen, who is the chairman of the police board, said taxpayers shouldn’t be funding police officers and the use of equipment for private functions.
The four have not been suspended and continue to work, said Det. Scott Driemel, the department’s media liaison.
“This was a private conference conducted by private people-albeit they are police officers-but they were on their own time acting as civilians, as individuals,” Driemel said. “If there turns out there is more to it, then the chief will act on it.”
Hinton said he was disappointed the focus of the conference-which championed treatment, prevention and enforcement over safe-injection sites-has shifted to the role of the officers.
“I shake my head because there are big issues worth discussing here and we end up focusing on just real small, minute details and it’s all sort of designed to throw the focus of the conference and the good topics covered there off the rails,” said Hinton, who along with Arsenault and Graham are members of the Odd Squad, a group of Downtown Eastside officers who educate the public on drug issues through film work and talks.
The conference was organized in partnership with the Drug Free America Foundation, a supporter of the so-called war on drugs.
Messages left for Wickstead and the Bentalls were not returned before the Courier’s Friday deadline. Lynda Bentall-whom Hinton described as controversial and opinionated-opposes the medical use of marijuana and needle exchanges and supports Sweden’s zero-tolerance policy on drugs.
Lynda Bentall also funds and manages the Ailanthus Achievement Centre for Inner-City Youth on Commercial Drive. The program is “causing the potential of fine young people to be maximized rather than being destroyed by influences and effects of poverty, chemical dependency in the home, abuse, neglect, cultural disorientation, weak public services and community apathy,” the society’s web site says.
Bob Bentall served as chairman of the board of Bentall Corporation, a major international real estate development and property management company with assets of approximately $2 billion, before retiring in 2001.

Contact MTV star and RCMP officer Scott Rintoul-(604) 264-3029 or Cst. Scott RINTOUL Tel: (604) 264-2683
Subject: Analysis: Documentation of Canadian Police Lying to Media, Senate

> Committee Members, MPs, and editors,
> the following analysis documents police lies to the Canadian Senate
> Committee looking at drug policy (and no doubt the Parliamentary Special
> Committee as well), and to the papers included in the Bcc of this post. If
> you are an editor reading this, the following documents some outright lies
> you have printed (except the G and M and one other paper, but I thought
> they would get a kick out of someone proving that the National Post and a
> few other Southam papers printed some demonstrable whoppers). I like the
> Post, but they should be REALLY embarassed by the copy that Global “news”
> is trashing up their paper with lately.
> Chris Donald
> Dartmouth, NS
> Daily Magazine
> MarijuanaNews.Com By Richard Cowan
> Published 2002-05-27 16:25:57
> Top Story: Canadians Need to Examine The Role of the Police In
> Maintaining Marijuana Prohibition. Paying For Lies That Distort Public
> Policies and Undermine Sovereignty. Analysis by Richard Cowan
> Source:
> Posted May 27, 2002
> Analysis by Richard Cowan
> Canadian police are far less politicized than their counterparts to
> the south. The major reason is that Canadian police officials are
> appointed, not elected. However, this does not mean that the Canadian
> police do not have a political agenda that seeks to maintain their
> power, as is typical of government agencies.
> Unfortunately, unlike most other government agencies self-serving
> propaganda, claims by the police are usually accepted uncritically by
> the Canadian media. This is a dangerous mistake.
> Canadian police have a major vested interested in maintaining cannabis
> prohibition in Canada, but that interest is not necessarily as simple
> as it might appear.
> Although more than half of all “drug” arrests in Canada are for simple
> possession of cannabis, ending marijuana prohibition would not result
> in massive layoffs of police. There is certainly enough real crime to
> keep them all busy. So in trying to understand this problem, it is
> unwise to use the standard practice of “following the money.”
> The real vested interest that the police have in cannabis prohibition
> is political. Follow the power, not the money.
> First, at the street level, cannabis prohibition is a source of
> arbitrary power for the police. Even the “reforms” supported by The
> Canadian Association of Police Chiefs would continue to let them
> decide whom to arrest. For example, the associations board adopted a
> policy that calls on the Canadian government to give police the option
> of charging someone with 30 grams or less or issuing a ticket and fine
> or community service.
> See
> Canadian Police Chiefs To Support “Decriminalization” Of Marijuana:
> “Government will give serious consideration to recommendation.”
> Even more important, cannabis prohibition is a source of moral and
> political authority for the police and admitting that it has always
> been a counterproductive fraud and morally wrong would undermine their
> moral and political authority.
> See
> The Racist Origins Of Canadas Marijuana Prohibition Reported In
> the National Post:
> The police are in too deep to just shrug and cut their losses. This is
> as true in Canada as in DEAland.
> Over the last few years I have documented numerous examples of lying
> by the Canadian police. Sometimes this lying is at the institutional
> level. It is outrageous that the police can even get away with lying
> to the Canadian Senate.
> See
> Canadian Police Association Demonstrates The Role of Ideology in the
> Maintenance of Marijuana Prohibition. Sweden Ideal While the Dutch Are
> the Worst. Analysis by Richard Cowan:
> Other times this is simply business as usual, lying to the media who
> never question anything they say.
> See
> Canadian Police Lie to The Canadian Media Who Lie To Their Readers
> To Justify More Power Over the Canadian People To Please DEAland Narks,
> An Utterly Wretched Piece Of Pseudo-journalism:
> and
> “It’s Time To Declare Peace,” Says Great Canadian Op-ed. But Can
> Canada Escape the DEAland Marijuana Prohibition Trap, As the Mounties
> Lie To Keep the War Going?:
> and
> Author of Ottawa Citizen Series on Prohibition Blames The Media for the
> Drug War. Great Journalism Is The Antidote:
> Other times the lying is an overt interference in the political
> process, as when the BC police attacked the BC Marijuana Party. This
> is such an obvious threat to the democratic process that everyone
> should be offended by this.
> See
> Police Interference in the Canadian Electoral Process. The Royal
> Canadian Marijuana Police Disinformation Campaign for Marijuana
> Prohibition. Analysis by Richard Cowan:
> Then there is the lying to promote more prohibitionist propaganda in
> the guise of “drug education.” The DARE program is very popular among
> the police who are peddling it in small Canadian towns, and anyone who
> criticizes it is called pro-drug, even though DAREs own president has
> admitted that it does not work.
> See
> The Royal Canadian Marijuana Police and DARE: Selling a Big-Time Fraud
> in Small Town Canada:
> However, of all the lying done by the Canadian narks, perhaps the most
> dangerous is that done to undermine Canadian sovereignty. This
> category of lying is done to support the DEAland prohibitionists
> interference in Canadas internal affairs.
> A recent example of that was to be found in the particularly wretched
> piece in the National Post. Clearly, the purpose of this lie is to
> support DEAland in its bogus complaints against Canadas cannabis
> policies.
> See
> Canadas National Post Prints DEAland Prohibitionist Propaganda and
> Ignores Facts. Even Anti-Prohibitionists Have No Standards When the
> Subject Is Cannabis. Analysis by Richard Cowan:
> This article says that “Corporal Scott Rintoul of the RCMP estimated
> that 70% of the marijuana grown in Canada ends up in the United
> States.”
> Of course, the RCMPs own web site contradicts that claim, and says
> “Regarding claims that
> “50 to 60 % of the marihuana produced in Canada is smuggled to the
> United States: Any estimate of this nature is impossible to
> substantiate at this time. Seizures of Canadian marihuana in the US
> are less than 3,000 kilograms a year. Investigations and intelligence
> on both sides of the border indicate that there is considerable
> smuggling activity but cannot support nor validate such an estimate.
> DEA agree that this estimate is unfounded.”
> In other words, an RCMP officer is lying according to the RCMPs own
> data in his official capacity, while attempting to influence Canadian
> public policy, and undermine Canadian sovereignty.
> Is it good public policy to tolerate that sort of lying?
> Perhaps the most notorious practitioner of this sort of campaign
> against Canadian sovereignty is RCMP Sgt. Chuck Doucette.
> The Vancouver Province had an article in its July 5, 1998 edition that
> said, “Twenty years ago, the maximum THC found in outdoor cultivated
> pot plants was around 0.5 percent. RCMP say the marijuana now being
> grown in B.C. can contain as much as 30 percent THC.”
> The same Province article quotes Doucette as saying, “The new
> marijuana is highly addictive. The experts are seeing a rapid increase
> in behavioral problems among users. There are acts of aggression,
> leading to assaults and even murders.”
> See
> Marijuana Prohibition And Potency, Price, And Safety- “Is Marijuana
> Stronger Now Than It Was Back In the ’60s, When Everyone Thought It Was
> Harmless?”:
> It has been almost four years since he said that. Where are the
> “acts of aggression, leading to assaults and even murders.”
> Better questions: Where are the questions from the media to Doucette,
> et al.? Where is the RCMP brass when officers like Doucette and
> Rentoul are caught contradicting the RCMPs own data?
> Could it be that Doucette and Rentoul, et al., are doing exactly what
> the RCMP brass really wants done? Maybe they are not “loose canons.”
> Maybe they are canons aimed at the Canadian media in a war on Canadian
> sovereignty with the support of not only the RCMP officials, but also
> of the prohibitionist politicians in Ottawa.
> See
> Ottawa Citizen Columnist Dan Gardner Assails Canadian Justice
> Ministers Kowtowing to UN and DEAland Narks: “U.S. says jump, we say
> how high?”:
> and
> Great Canadian Editorial Calls for Legalization; Decries Justice
> Minister’s Giving Narks Veto Over Changing Marijuana Laws:
> The Justice Minister in the above linked articles is now the Health
> Minister, and she just killed Canadas court ordered medical cannabis
> program.
> See
> Blame DEAland: Canadian Health Minister Blames DEA for Canadian
> Medical Cannabis Fiasco. DEA Wouldnt Sell Them Seeds. Now If Someone
> In Canada Would Go Into The Seed Business:
> So while it is easy to prove that the narks are liars, it should also
> be very clear that responsibility for this lying does not stop with
> them.
> Canadian politicians and media need to be held accountable by the
> people of Canada for this official lying. Until the lying stops Canada
> will not be able to solve its prohibition problems, nor will Canadian
> sovereignty and freedom be safe from its enemies foreign and domestic.
> See also
> The Prohibitionist Counterattack in Canada — DEA Is Their Middle
> Name. May Conference In Vancouver Requires Serious Response:
> and
> Marijuana Legalization, The Missing Pillar in Solving the
> Substance Abuse Problem in Vancouver and All of Canada. Analysis By
> Richard Cowan:
> and this from 1998:
> Vancouver Police Put Prohibitionism Above Patriotism
> Use US Navy Agents In Attempt To Entrap Hemp BC
> Richard Cowan Archives
> Tue 28th of May 2002
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