The Pot TV News for May 22, 2002

Wayne Justman on DEA raids expected in S.F.

High Hopes for Cannabis Clubs in U.K.
Brits gear up for Dutch style coffee shops.

MS Cannabis Medicines Due by 2004
“The use of cannabinoids to relieve some of the symptoms of the illnessis. . . is likely (to) be available in 2004,” says BBC.

Dying to Inhale: Day 32 of Hunger Strike
Robin Prosser has been on a hunger strike since April 20, 2002. She is damanding that she be able to use and grow her medicine in Montana.

New York City Police Target “Paraphernalia Criminals.”
More than 100 people were arrested in a citywide police sweep to seize illegal drug paraphernalia, some of which was confiscated from tobacco shops, bodegas and grocery stores

Court To Decide What You Can Say About Marijuana
“San Francisco HIV/AIDS specialist Marcus Conant, MD, says he wants to close his office door and talk to patients about the pros and cons of medical marijuana without fear of the government cracking down on him.”

SF Braces for DEA Invasion
Wayne Justman, director of the San Francisco Patient’s Cooperative, gives a chilling view of what the DEA is planning in San Francisco.

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“Tyranny of the Pinheads”