High Society – DEA GO AWAY

This episode, dangerous DML slaggs the DEA and their buddies here in Van – the “Odd Squad”. Then he becomes STONERMAN and takes on Mr. Smith from the Matrix. Scenes from “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”.
For info about June 6 Protests….well, we plan to be there (US consolate 1095 W. Pender – where the May 4th rally was held) at Noon – 12PM. Please be there, bring lots of friends and a sign expressing how you feel about the DEA here in Canada and how you feel about them attacking the cannabis compassion clubs in the USA.

For info on how to be a part of or initiate a rally in your area, check out the folks at www.safeaccessnow.org. They also provide ways to contact the DEA rep in your area….so you can tell Darth Vader and the rest of them Sith just what you think of their insidious plans.

For someone Canadian to complain to, try the Solicitor General of Canada (apparently, that’s the person to officially complain to about the presence of a foreign army of doobious nature on our soverign soil…they have quietly taken responsibility for the mess)….or if you would like to talk to the DEA’s favorite antidrug dude in Van…

Staff Sergeant Chuck Doucette – RCMP Drug Awareness Service – 4949 Heather St., Vancouver, V5Z 1K6

Tel. 604 264 3029
Fax. 604 264 2649

[email protected]

Don’t say anything rude, keep your karma good….but take advantage of this information and let this guy know exactly how you feel about the DEA working in this country.

For info about IDEAS and Cop corruption, check out the “Pot TV” and “current events” discussion forums at www.cannabisculture.com – especially the following thread:


For other shows on Pot TV about the DEA…check out these ones….

Peter McWilliams vs. the head of the DEA:


The 5th Estate (CBC) Documentary that you saw clips from in this show:


The following 10 minute film is an expose of the fake drug war with interviews with an ex DEA agent who got sick of the hypocracy and lies…not to be missed.


….and, finally, if that wasn’t enough, just type “DEA” into our search engine…..loads of stuff. Too much stuff.

To any US agent of the forces of darkness who might be turning in at the moment….haven’t you Yankees killed enough Canadians for one year? Get out of our country! YOUR country seems to be totally screwed – gone to hell in a handbasket – why foist your collective drugwar psychosis onto our nice country?! Get lost! Shoo! Skee-daddle! Go away, DEA … I say it at least once a day.