Pot TV News for April 29, 2002

Clubs bracing for Federal crackdown
California Medical Marijuana Movement Awaits Federal Offensive, Plots Strategy

City Directs Police To Shun DEA In Pot Busts
Berkeley California city council responding to Federal intrusion of medical marijuana dispensaries.

Zeroing in on Border Pot Smugglers
Drug Czar Walters is focusing on the "potent" BC Bud.

USC Medical Study of Steve Kubby Posted to the Internet
See for yourself how cannabis heals and protects against cancer.

Victoria Council Endorses Medical Marijuana
Victoria becomes 2nd city in B.C. to formally support decriminalization of marijuana and possession for medicinal purposes.

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Coming Events

Good Ideas vrs Bad iD.E.A.s
01 May, 2002
Wed May 1st, Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre

Cannabis Culture Tokers Bowl

02 May, 2002
Vancouver pot-judging competition and party.

The Second National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics

03 May, 2002Fri & Sat, May 3rd & 4th, Portland Oregon

Million Marijuana March 2002

04 May, 2002
Over 160 cities worldwide.