The Pot TV News for Monday, February 18, 2002

The Drug Warriors worst nightmare prepares to do battle.

“This is San Francisco,” said Mark Romero of CHAMP, who ran to the scene
after hearing of the sweep. He stood with his arms crossed and repeatedly
tore up the yellow tape surrounding the scene, much to the ire of the DEA
officers. “It’s a public sidewalk. Get out of my house,” he yelled.

Catch the action at the DEA protests held in San Francisco after the raid
and arrest of the Harm Reduction Club staff.

Over 40 years in prison and millions of dollars in fines for doing something
that was approved by the voters and confirmed by a jury.

Photos and story of SF Protest:

First criminal complaint against medical marijuana patients and suppliers
Ken Hayes, Richard Watts, and Ed Rosenthal:

The case against Ken Hayes is a fraud. Just on the face of the evidence,
already presented by the DEA, we know the following:

1. For the DEA to suggest that one person or one group oversees the supply
of cannabis to Bay Area Clubs is a complete fiction that hundreds of people
in our movement can repudiate.

2. To accuse Ken Hayes of being an international smuggler with $900,000 in
income is absurd, unfounded and an insult to our intelligence, given that
Ken was fully acquitted of any criminal wrongdoing less than a year earlier.
Certainly, no one can question that the Sonoma D.A. and prosecutors went to
extreme lengths to examine Ken’s financial dealings and any possible
evidence of wrongdoing. Are we now to believe that the DEA has uncovered
such massive evidence, when the Sonoma D.A. missed it?

3, The DEA, along with just about everyone in B.C., all know that it is the
Asian gangs that are actually behind the B.C. to California smuggling. Going
after Ken Hayes as smugglers can only be interpreted as a cynical attempt to
create a bogus case of interstate commerce and international trafficking
that can then be used as an excuse to close the rest of the clubs.

4. Those of us who know Ken can attest to his dedication to helping sick
people. Furthermore, we know Ken to be a modest person with simple tastes
and modest personal expenses. Nothing about Ken suggests any criminal intent
or unexplained wealth.

5. Ken Hayes and his family are broke. I personally know this to be true,
because Michele and I we see first hand the devastating impact that this is
having on Ken, Cheryl and their little daughter, Mattie.

Not only is the Hayes family broke, they are about to lose their rented
home. On top of all this, Ken and his family are suddenly facing huge legal
bills as he defends his U.S. case, while seeking political refugee status
here in Canada.