High Society – Police State 101/Anthrax

In another bold show, DM-L looks at the new Bill C-36 and the Patriot Act and the idea of the “police state” (some key clips from “1984” and “Enemy of the State” here). He also examines the origins of Anthrax (a clip of “Outbreak”)and the side effects of Cipro, not to mention evidence of cannabis used as an anti-anthrax medicine in Africa, and anthrax used as a weapon against law enforcement in the United States. Part 1 of 2.
Check indymedia.org and other alternative sites….sites that offer well sourced, cross-referenced and peer reviewed information (sites that don’t get into UFO’s) tend to convince me.

Also, check the “terrorism and the drug war” discussion forum (just click on “forums”) at www.cannabisculture.com

For info on Cannabis, Grapefruitseed extract, Colloidal Silver, Oxygen and other Pro-biotic, anti-anthrax, anti-ebola, anti-cancer, anti-virus medicine that can’t be patented (it’s the simple stuff that works in medicine, strage as it may seem) – check out the “www.dogpile.com” search engine, or past threads in the “medical” and “terrorism and the drugwar” discussion forums at www.cannabisculture.com.