The Pot TV News for November 7th, 2001

The Feds refuse to Comply with Prosposition 215 and Continue to Persecute the Sick and Dying

San Francisco Supervisor and DA defy Feds and agree, make San Francisco a symbolic sanctuary for Medical Marijuana Patients and Caregivers.
Subject: AMMA: Congressmen Urged Raid on MMJ Clubs

Following is a copy of a letter to A.G. John Ashcroft from three
members of the House Committee on Government Reform Subcommittee on
Criminal Justice, Drug Policy and Human Resources calling on the feds
to move against California’s medical cannabis clubs in the wake of
the Supreme Court decision.
This is the same committee that sent a delegation of GAO officers
to investigate the Los Angeles Cannabis Resource Center in August.
The GAO inquired mainly about where the LACRC got its marijuana, and
was informed that the club grew its own supplies on site and at a
satellite garden in Ventura County. One hour after the GAO left the
premises, a warrant was signed to raid the Ventura garden. It thus
appears that Congressional drug warriors and the GAO were behind the
recent LACRC bust.
*** Note that the letter was signed by one Californian, Rep. Doug
Ose of West Sacramento / Davis. Although supposedly a Republican
moderate, Rep. Ose is one of the most militant drug warriors in
Congress. Constituents are urged to make their views known to Rep.
Ose at 202-225-5716/FAX 226-1298, [email protected] – 1508
Longworth House Office Bldg, Wash DC 20515.
– D. Gieringer

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Washington, DC, May 23, 2001.
Attorney General, Washington, DC.

DEAR GENERAL ASHCROFT: As members of the Subcommittee on Criminal
Justice, Drug Policy and Human Resources, we write to commend you on
the outstanding performance of the Justice Department in obtaining a
decisive Supreme Court ruling in the Oakland Cannabis case. We urge
you to now move swiftly to give effect to that ruling throughout the
United States with respect to “medical marijuana” provisions
contrary to the Court’s unanimous decision.

As you know, the Court’s determined that the express congressional
determination in the Controlled Substances Act (“CSA”) that
marijuana and other Schedule I drugs have “no currently accepted
medical use in treatment in the United States” (21 U.S.C.
§812(b)(1)(B)) is clear and controlling law. Accordingly, the CSA’s
prohibitions against manufacturing, distribution, and possession with
intent to distribute controlled substances such as marijuana (21
U.S.C. §844(a)), are the law of the land across the United States
under the Constitution’s Supremacy Clause.

As President Bush recently made clear, “we emphatically disagree
with those who favor drug legalization.” Yet eight states and the
District of Columbia purport to permit the use of marijuana in a way
wholly contrary to the explicit reading of the Controlled Substances
Act explained by the Supreme Court. The fringe drug legalization
movement hopes this will send a message to our children and society
that drug use is tolerable. Marijuana use is not tolerable under any

Accordingly, we are asking you to direct the Department of Justice
to immediately seek injunctive relief in federal courts in each of
these states similar to the order in California which was unanimously
upheld by the Supreme Court in Oakland Cannabis. Since state
“medical marijuana” initiatives which purport to allow the
manufacture, distribution or individual possession of marijuana
contrary to the Controlled Substances Act are clearly
unconstitutional under the Supremacy Clause, we believe that
injunctive relief prohibiting such manufacturing, distribution and
individual possession is well warranted as a matter of law. This
action would also decisively resolve significant uncertainties with
respect to marijuana which have greatly hampered federal, state and
local law enforcement activities in each of these areas and send a
critical anti-drug message to our nation.

We appreciate the leadership of President Bush and you in this
important area and look forward to continuing to work with you to
protect our families from illegal drugs.


Mark E. Souder,


Bob Barr,

Member of Congress.

Doug Ose,

Member of Congress.

Note: This is a direct excerpt from the Congressional Record, page
Representatives – July 18, 2001) The surrounding debate is highly
recommended reading and can be found easily through the Federal
Government Website: THOMAS