The Pot TV News for November 1st, 2001

Hosts Steve and Michele Kubby discuss the legal and media issues facing medical marijuana patients, regarding the recent DEA crack down on California medical marijuana clubs and activists. Also a new appeals court decision in California will mean Prop. 36 protection for anyone convicted of drug crimes — just as the voters intended. Also, is California’s medical marijuana law only an affirmative defense, or is it a bar to prosecution? Steve discusses the upcoming Mower case, which will decide this issue in the next few weeks before the California Supreme Court.

CORRECTION: Our video report incorrectly refers to Myron Mower’s attorney as David Nick. Mr. Mower is, and has always been, represented in the California Supreme Court only by Richard D. Runcie, Attorney at Law and Professor Gerald Uelmen. Prior to the California Supreme Court accepting this historyic case, Richard D. Runcie was the sole attorney representing Mr. Mower at the Court of Appeal level.