Cannabis Common Sense #176

CRRH shows off the first photo entry in our cannabis bud photo contest; the contest is open till December 1st, so mail right away. Tonight’s show starts with the Jeff & Tracy ad where 100,000 Seattle Hempfest goers shout “we smoke pot,” then we have this week’s Hemp News, a video with Dr. Todd Mikuriya, finally Dr. Phillip Leveque & Paul Stanford answer viewers’ phoned-in questions. Hemp News with Paul Stanford: we encourage you to contact the DEA to oppose new rules prohibiting non-high hemp food products made with hemp grain/seed; we urge you to contact the US Senate to oppose Bush’s new Drug Czar nomination; 900 Oregon patients have to re-apply for medical marijuana; German firm THC Pharm gets govt. permission to extract THC from central Asian outdoor, seed-grown bud; and a new Israeli study shows cannabis is the only substance known by science today to protect the brain from trauma.