Cannabis Common Sense #175

Tonight’s show has the latest Hemp News, a clip from the History Channel’s show on how marijuana was made illegal, Dr. Phillip Leveque & Paul Stanford take viewers phone calls & questions and CRRH & Farmer Ted continue the bud photo contest. Hemp News with Shannon Floyd & Paul Stanford: the US federal government moves to crack down on medical marijuana & seizes 6,000 patients records from a attorney/husband & physician/wife in California; Jamiacan Parliament moves to debate allowing personal use of cannabis; US government says use of illegal drugs is holding steady; raids on medical marijuana patients in Southern Oregon, then the judge issues a warrant for patients’ urine; new studies in US & the Netherlands show cannabis helps addicts quit other drugs; US DEA moves to wipe out hemp food and oil products; and the US government’s marijuana eradication targets 98 percent of resources to pull wild industrial hemp plants.
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