High Society – Attacking the Pot War on Two Fronts!

In this historic episode, Marc Emery interviews David Malmo-Levine briefly about the upcoming Supreme Court “all-cannabis-laws-to-be-struck-down” challenge, the CBC’s coverage of the Supreme Court announcement, and a BC Marijuana Party interview on Shaw Cable with David, John Gordon and Norm Siefken of the Party….check this one out!
To read a breif outline of the Court Challenge, check out “What I will say to the supreme court” in the Activist and Activism discussion forum at www.cannabisculture.com. For a more detailed argument, check out “what I said to the HIGH court” in the same forum. Also check out the recent court decision: “R. v. Malmo-Levine and R. v. Caine” (2000) at www.johnconroy.com.