Grow Show #25

Marijuana Man smokes some complimentary B.C. Seed Co. buds, and talks to Barge about their adventures together in Amsterdam. Prof. Ziggy of the Federation Seed Co. gives us a lesson on lights and home-made hoods.
Here’s the test that Barge and I took at the Smoker’s Ball in Amsterdam. Barge had the highest score, getting only 2 answers wrong.
Email your answers to [email protected] no later than the end of this century. The winner will receive 30 seeds of their
choice from the British Columbia Seed Co. Tie breaking questions will determine the winner in the event of a tie. A special prize will be
awarded to anyone who should do better than Barge. Good.

1. On average, sativa needs to be in flower for:
A between 4 and 8 weeks
B between 6 and 1o weeks
C between 8 and 12 weeks
D between 12 and 16 weeks

2. Can you make hash out of sativa?
A Yes
B No

3 Which of the following has no sativa in its genetic make-up?
A Warlock Haze
B AK 47
C Top 44
D Kali Mist

4 Moroccan hashish is usaually made by doing which to the dried weed:
A Bruising
B Rubbing
C Ice-o-lating
D Sieving

5 True or false: The black goo inside a pipe or bong bowl is full of
THC and can get you really high
A True
B False

6 If hand-rubbed hashish is white inside it is:
A Opiated
B Spoiled
C Cured
D Not ready yet

7 Pollen is:
A What a female plant needs to make seeds
B Blond hashish
C Hairs
D Resin crystals

8 On average, indica needs to be in flower for:
A between 4 and 6 weeks
B between 5 and 8 weeks
C between 6 and 10 weeks
D between 12 and 14 weeks

9 True or false: Indica leaves are short and broad:
A True
B False

10 True or flase: Hash oil is made by putting pieces of hashish under great pressure.
A True
B False

11 What does ‘sinsemilla’ mean?
A Its the name of a Mexican folk song
B Full of sin
C Without seeds
D It’s a Sate in Mexico

12 Seedless drug Cannabis was first developed;
A Amsterdam, 1980
B California, 1970
C Mexico, 1920
D Bengal India 1800s

13. Who’s not here?
A Mike
B Dave
C Steven
D Bob

14 Ruderalis makes the best hashish because:
A It is the oldest Cannabis variety
B It is the most untouched by humans
C It flowers faster
D It Doesn’t make the best hashish

15 Which of the following is the Correct Order for the steps in producing
sieved hashish?
A Cure, sieve, dry, press
B Dry, press, sieve, cure
C Sieve, cure, dry, press
D Dry, cure, sieve, press

16 What kind of weed makes the strongest nederhash?
A Indica
B Sativa
C The one with the most THC-containing resin glands

17 Most imported hashish is made from;
A Seedless marijuana
B Seeded marijuana
C Male and female plants
D Pure male pollen

18 What group composed and performed “Smoke 2 Joints”?
A UB 40
B Toyz
C 10 CC
D Credence Clearwater Revival

19 Which is higher in CBD?
A Kind bud
B Imported hashish

20 State where Proposition 215 legalized medical marijuana
A New York
B California
C Arizona
D Maine

21 Percent THC allowed in industrial hemp crops
A 0.3%
B 1%
C .001%
D 3%

22 What is a “lid”
A An 1/8 oz bag of weed
B About 28 grams, or one ounce
C Enough to fill the lid of film can

23 The smoke from high-quality hashish is
A grey
B black
C blueish-white

24 Who wrote the classic text, Marijuana Botany?
A Mel Frank
B Ed Rosenthal
C Robert Connell Clarke
D Jorge Cervantes

25 Which of these strains won the FIRST High Times Cannabis Cup?
A Northern Lights
B Shiva
C Skunk#1
D Orange Bud