Solar Bowls

There is a way to ingest cannabis that is healthier, tastier, and more ecologically sound than smoking using a butane lighter. No, I’m not referring to vapourizing, although the effects can be pretty similar. I am speaking of solar puffing: using the sun and some type of magnifying lens to smoke the herb.
The process is simple: instead of a lighter, use a magnifying glass! By positioning the lens at the right spot between the bowl and the sun, you can smoke your herb without inhaling the nasty butane chemicals associated with lighters.

Hold a lighter near your ear and press the fuel button. Hear that? That’s the sound of chemicals that would normally be directed right to your lungs within a gush of ganja smoke. Smell it… pretty nasty, huh? And that’s just the butane. Have you ever noticed the little puff of smoke that appears after you flick a lighter? That’s the flint burning, and it is highly toxic. Much of this smoke is entering your lungs with the flick of a lighter, and it continues kicking out this toxic smoke for quite a few seconds. I bet that the butane and flint smoke inhaled by most ganja smokers does much more physiological damage than the herb itself.

There are many more benefits to smoking the solar way. First and foremost is taste. Once you’ve done your first solar bong-hit, you will never want to use a lighter again. The experience of inhaling pure ganja smoke is quite beautiful. Many people say that they had no idea marijuana could taste so great!

This becomes even more obvious near the end of the bowl, when things normally start tasting a bit schwaggy. A bowl that hasn’t had gobs of butane repeatedly sucked over it burns clean and tasty to the end. Once you get the hang of it, you can get green hits right up to the last toke.

Also, by moving the beam of sunlight around the surface of the nugget at the right speed, you can actually vapourize the bud very effectively. (Vapourizing releases the THC vapours without actually burning the bud, a huge health benefit.)

Another benefit of solar puffing is that the wind is no longer an issue. Have you ever sat outside trying to smoke a bowl, repeatedly flicking your lighter trying to get it lit? This is completely unnecessary, as the wind becomes irrelevant when you smoke using the solar method.

Solar puffing is also very efficient. A bowl smoked with the solar method goes much farther, due to the fact that you are not torching the entire bowl with a huge flame. You are simply ?vaporizing? one little spot with an intense beam of light. A bowl smoked with the solar method goes around at least twice as many times as a bowl smoked with a lighter.

Ecologically speaking, solar puffing makes sense too. Our landfills will certainly appreciate not being filled with millions of little plastic pieces of garbage.

Finally, the last reason for solar toking is the high. For some reason, you just get higher! It is undeniable! Try it and you will agree. You may also notice the high is much cleaner, with no head-achiness.

Here’s how to do it. First, you will need a magnifying glass or lens of some sort. These are easily obtainable. Larger ones work better, and, ironically, plastic ones will work fine. Sit outside on a sunny day and face the sun. (Indoor situations can work too, provided that bright sunlight enters the room.)

Next, put the pipe to your mouth and tilt it slightly downward. This makes it easier to focus the beam of light on the bud. Then, hold the lens in between the sun and the bowl, being careful not to block any of the light with the top of your hand. Start off holding the lens about six inches above the bowl. The goal is to concentrate the beam of light to a small point, where it is most intense. When you see smoke, start inhaling. This process takes a little practice, but is quite easy.

That’s it, you’ve just taken your first solar bong-hit! Be careful not to stare directly at the brightest part of the beam for too long, and also try not to burn your leg by accident!

You might be wondering how to do solar bowls at night. I believe the best answer is to use matches at night. Just be sure to burn them past the sulfur on the tip before using. That is, unless you have a lens capable of doing lunar bong-hits, in which case I’d love to see it!



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    its true! when you use the sun and magnify glass you are burning sum weed and the rest around it seems to be getting vaporized, its like mixing vapor and smoke and it just taste like straight dank. usually after 1 bong bowl using a lighter im feeling damn good but after using the sun i got ripped just like the first time i smoked its really unbelievable u will never believe it. the only downside to it is sometimes i don’t have the patience to wait and get it going so i just use a lighter and other times the sun is behind a cloud but ya overall the sun is the way to go. also its funny u mention the smoke from the flint because my biggest pet peeve is when my girlfriend sparks the lighter right in the bowl and that smoke from the flint probly goes into the bong. i always tell her to light the lighter away from the bong then bring it towards it so you don’t breath in that gross smoke. but ya i guess im an ocd pot snob but oh well there could be worse things lol

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    Longer fiber optic cables would allow you to build a collection orb on the roof of your house, fiber optic cord feeding into the room and a detachable plug on your bong.

    For Lunar phasing just attach some high intensity LEDs to the collection orb with a light switch. LEDs are crystals that vibrate fast enough to produce light. Try flickering LED settings to mix LED with moonlight.

    Put on some Drum and Bass!