Emily Murphy: suffragette/Magistrate/racist/prohibitionist





A Calgary women’s group has been
skulking around Ottawa, hoping to find a suitable location to erect a memorial
commemorating prairie suffragettes, who petitioned and fought to have “women”
declared legal persons, which lead to equal rights for women in Canada.

snag is that one of the “Famous Five” being venerated happens to be Judge
Emily Murphy (1868-1933), a rabid racist and vengeful originator of the
Canadian drug laws that continue to send people to jail. It seems upon
review that Judge Murphy fought with equal vigour against Chinese immigration
to Canada, and openly abused her position as “the first female magistrate
in the British Empire” to wrest the civil rights she helped secure for
her sisters from the Asian community in Canada. In particular, celestials
in the west coast cities who opposed the hated “Chinese Head Tax” of $500.

Her book “The Black
Candle” (1922) was a greatest hits expansion of a series of articles published
by Canada’s own Maclean’s Magazine, under her commercial pen name of “Janey
Canuck”, a quaint alter-ego supplementing her role of muck raking executioner
and Suffragette Commando.

Judge Emily Murphy
pumped out a lot of poison in her pot boiler expos?s, and she put muscle
behind her sordid opinions to pass them into law, hastily adopted and unevenly
enforced, which remained unchanged as Canadian drug policy until the early

Judge Emily Canuck
was the Harry Anslinger of Canada. Her pen cut down innocent hemp because
she only saw one leaf of the tree of life, and not understanding, she ended
it all in the domain of the wicked witch of the west.

Apparently, not everybody
hates a tyrant, and “The Famous Five Foundation” president and founder
Francis Wright has invited 18 artists to prepare ideas for a suitable monument
(figures must be at least six feet tall) glorifying Jeckyl and Hyde Judge
Janey and her quartet of base metal buddies. A million dollar feminist
funeral memorial project, benefitting dead women.

Spokehuman Ms Wright
is well meaning, but a trite uninformed about delicate matters concerning
the public character of one of her bronze goddesses. Hangin’ Judge Murphy’s
unnurturing disregard for anyone she didn’t get along with helped produce
tri-decade drug wars, international havoc, and the destruction of millions
of human lives at the expense of billions of dollars. These are reasons
enough to sack her worship from the feminine configuration as unworthy
of such posthumous accolade. Otherwise, no problem.

The founder of the
Famous Five Foundation for feelgood feminine fantasy, Ms Wright, feels
“these women are heroes and nation builders. We want their contributions
to enter Canadian consciousness.”

Well, Judge Canuck
had a major problem with consciousness manipulation from the beginning,
and she didn’t handle it very well. Take a note there Francis, you might
have to live with a bronze bitch in your basement, waiting for a garage

Additional funding
for the Famous Five will be gouged from femo-necromancers attending a series
of scheduled brittle lunches and snooty dinner parties across the country.
The group hopes to capture strokes from female senators, and really do
something for dead women everywhere.

Ms Wright would like
to do right and says the Foundation plans to market books, videos, museum
exhibitions, and establish a scholarship.

By Dr Alexander Sumach

From The Black Candle…

(Ms Murphy is quoting a Los Angeles County Chief
of Police on the effects of marijuana.)

“…persons using
this narcotic smoke the dry leaves of the plant, which has the effect of
driving them completely insane. The addict loses all sense of moral responsibility.
Addicts to this drug, while under its influence are immune to pain. While
in this condition they become raving maniacs and are liable to kill or
indulge in any forms of violence to other persons, using the most savage
methods of cruelty without, as said before, any sense of moral responsibility.”

From The Black Candle…

An addict who died
this year in British Columbia told how he was frequently jeered at as a
?white man accounted for.’ This man belonged to a prominent family…
and used to relate how the Chinese pedlars taunted him with their superiority
at being able to sell the dope without using it, and by telling him how
the yellow race would rule the world.

They were too wise,
they urged, to win a battle, but would win by wits. They would strike at
the white race through ?dope’ and when the time was ripe would command
the world…

Some of the Negroes
coming into Canada – and they are no fiddle-faddle fellows either, have
similar ideas, and one of their greatest writers has boasted how ultimately
they will control the white men.


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If you’d like to
become involved with the Famous Four Fucked up Fifth Foundation, leave
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