Splitting-the-Sky Hill

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The more I look into the detailed
history of hemp in this country, the more I realize the question again
boils down to destroying the economic base of all indigenous, good people
in this world.

Long before other nations
came to this continent, native peoples had knowledge of this sacred plant,
this sacred medicine. We understood that it could help one breathe better;
it could help one see better; it could help people attune themselves to
the harmonies and vibrations of Creation. When one smoked the sacred plants,
one came closer to the natural powers of Creation.

…Those who understand the
power of this plant and the uses of this plant have become potential victims
upon the sacrificial altar of multinational corporations… that have vested
interests in products that make you sicker, and against a natural plant
that will bring you back to health.

When we look at the defamation
and assassination of this plant for the War on Drugs, we see that this
war is nothing but a war perpetuated by those that control the cartels
of resources against the natural world people. Subsequently, just as we
were killed by rich nations through the use of their military forces, who
set up a process of encroachments to steal the resources of the lands of
traditional people – the very same thing that happened to us where we lost
our lands, we lost our culture, our religion, and we lost millions of lives,
could very well happen to you with the repression of the marijuana laws
in this country.

You could very well soon understand,
from a traditional perspective what it must be like to lose your house,
to lose your land and to lose your life in the defense of a sacred tradition
that is a gift to you by the Great Spirit.

…When I look at these facts
and see how these facts relate to indigenous peoples, I have to say that
when the Europeans came into this continent they came in droves with their
Gatling guns and their cannons, and destroyed and decimated nations for
what? The resources of the people. So subsequently most indigenous people
like the Big Mountain people, the people of Fort Belknap, the people of
the Black Hills, the people of Oklahoma, of lands throughout the Western
Hemisphere have basically been decimated economically.

And when I think of
all the potential for the growth of hemp for textiles, for fuel, for food,
for clothing, for anything imaginable by the thousands of uses, I think
there could possibly be, among indigenous nations, a revival and a resurrection
of economic stability, of economic self-dependency by coming to grips with
the possibility of growing this sacred plant by Native, indigenous nations,
and then interacting through international exchange and cooperation.. I
believe that this sacred plant could have world-wide implications.

And one thing I know for sure,
that the war against this sacred herb, a gift from the Great Spirit, a
gift from the spirits of the world, has a planetary significance at this
time. And I submit to you this day, this time, there is an allegiance that
needs to be built and a networking that needs to go nonstop… that the
time for fighting and resistance is now, and we must escalate to protect
the plant, to protect the interests of indigenous populations, and to forge
a merger for the salvation and survival of all peoples in Creation.