Drug War Horror Stories

The Supreme Court takes failing to get it to a new level in a strip-search case. - By Dahlia Lithwick - Slate Magazine

Obama’s Special Interest Groups

Lets say you heard someone screaming in pain or gasping urgently to catch their breath as they were drowning. What would you do? Would you turn the screw a little tighter on the person who is screaming? Would you push the drowning person’s head under the water one more time? Probably not – or so I would hope.

Impressed With Positive 4/20 Coverage

I've been happy to see a lot of very positive coverage of the 4/20 rallies this year. Rather than depicting the crowds as 'just a bunch of pot-smoking slackers looking for a good time', the media actually presented us as activists with a political message.

420 at the Vancouver Art Gallery

CTV British Columbia- Thousands enjoy a puff of pot to celebrate 4/20 - CTV News, Shows and Sports — Canadian Television

420 in Vancouver

It is indeed April 20, 2009 today; 420 is a universal in joke for all you blunt smokers out there. I saw about 20 people lined up waiting for the HQ of the BC Marijuana Party to open this morning. Usually, the store isn't so crowded so early!

The Trial of Will Foster

In the late nineties, Will Foster was convicted of growing a 5x5 ft. marijuana garden in the basement of his Tulsa, Oklahoma home.
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