Short Clips from NeverGetBusted Live! Now on YouTube

You can now view short clips from the latest “NeverGetBusted Live! with Barry & Candi” on YouTube.

Pot In Shoe
Caller asks whether to keep pot hidden in their shoe during an arrest

Barry & Candi discus their motivations for selling the NeverGetBusted products

Kops Confiscating Cash
Barry & Candi discuss Kops confiscating cash during raids & traffic stops

Kop Rant
Barry “rants” about Kop corruption

Keeping Cash in a Vehicle
Barry & Candi discuss the best way to keep cash in your vehicle

Highway Robbery
Barry & Candi discuss how corrupt Kops are stealing citizen's cash during traffic stops



Barry and Candi

You two give em hell!

Barry, I absolutely love what you do for the people. Your out their fightin' the system and offering great advise. I just stumbled across the clip with the ex dea agent cynthia whatever: pathetic! Whole thing comes across as a racket.

All the best -



Latest from Barry Cooper

Barry Cooper
Sep 20 2012
Since the new Federal Ban on Synthetic drugs in the U.S., I have been flooded with emails asking, "Barry, which substances are still legal?"
Barry Cooper
Jun 28 2012
CANNABIS CULTURE - Do you remember several months ago when I asked you to call the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office on my behalf? They were drilled with thousands of phone calls that eventually led to my release and our family getting our handicapped son, Zack, returned to us. We have been enjoying the reunion with Zack and I feel like our family is whole again. Candi and I cannot thank you enough for getting involved and helping us. Thank you, thank you and thank you.
Barry Cooper
Aug 14 2011
Barry (my Dad) is ill and wants me to give you the news about his trial.
Barry Cooper
Aug 1 2011
My misdemeanor trial by jury is fast approaching and will be held at the Williamson County Courthouse in Georgetown, Texas on August 8, 9 and 10th. The crime I am charged with is False Report or Alarm and if convicted I can be sentenced to one year in a jail and a $4000 fine.
Barry Cooper
Apr 19 2011
The latest NeverGetBusted Live! with Barry and Candi is now on YouTube




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