The Mernahuana Show 420 Coast to Coast Tues

The Ustream ban streak will most likely continue This Week On The Mernahuana Show as we haven’t finalized our switch to a new service.  You can watch the show Tuesday from 4:20 EST to 4:20 PST via Mernagh, HashMob, Cannabis Culture and Ustream. That said it will be probably the last week we get banned as we move to our own video server and bandwidth distributor.

We’re also moving studio locations next week to our new Independent Marijuana Media Centre. That’s going to be a hot topic this week. Our new stoner studio! If all goes according to plan we’ll be webcasting out of our activist work space next week. Not sure what else the Independent Media Centre is going to be about, but I do know we’ll be performing The Mernahuana Show there.

Anticipate show improvement…

We had a great return from our hiatus. The Calamity Hour was a mellow affair. I’m sure if I prepare a 40 minute segment this week that the calamity hour will rear up and chew up two hours with webcast stoner silliness. I’ll be talking about Liberals efforts to derail mandatory grow-op sentences a/k/a Bill S-10.

Not sure what I’ll have to review, but I’m sure it’ll be grand. Also we’re accepting product reviews. Of course it could end in disaster like Vape Shapes pot leaf shape vapor bag. Great idea! There’s warning about bursting them - but wow - my second time blowing one up and the bag burst. There’s big warning about overfilling. That’s right I burst a vapor bag live on the show. People were shocked.

I blame Ben “Eat Your Supper” Stein.

His munchies report was gawd damn amazing. So I'll forgive him. We had a full three course meal. The rookie truly dazzled. Just like the debut of another rookie way back, Mattie Oliver. Between Eat Your Supper and Matt “Sports Vapor Central” Oliver we have a fantastic selection of correspondences. We’re like The View for stoners. The studio will really contribute to our efforts I’m sure.

Both those guys have done a fantastic job of webcasting their hobbies, while adding a weedy flavour. I heard Eat Your Supper has an Italian meal plan this week, while I’m going to ask Sports Vapor Central what strain goes best with a Toronto Maple Leaf game. Probably sativa!

We’ll have the crafters Kayla and Christopher Robbins on to talk about 420 crafts. Kayla’s Puff Puff Pashmina blog is wonderful. Every week she is inspired by a new marijuana strain. Think Hempista is going to steal her away. Love the stoner fashion report.

All this and Maddchronic.

Live Broadcast by Ustream.TV



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