Weed This Week LIVE: Cannabis and Religion

Cannabis historian Chris Bennett appeared on the second LIVE episode of "Weed This Week" to discuss the religious and spiritual use of cannabis and the recent controversy over comments from NORML about Minister Roger Christie.

Episode 2 of my new show went by so quickly, all it left behind was a cloud of smoke.

In an hour we managed to pack in some of the latest marijuana HEADlines including Arizona's passage of medical marijuana laws, Dutch plans to ban pot tourism, and Federal Marijuana Terrorism Drills in California.

During our 4:20 smoke session, Jodie Emery brought us up to date on the current status of her imprisoned husband, 'Prince of Pot' Marc Emery; Britney Anne showed off some of the latest holiday gift ideas from the CC Store; and Pot activist Mik Mann joined the show to discuss the latest protest efforts against the Conservative Party of Canada and the struggle of Canadian medical marijuana patients.

Cannabis historian Chris Bennett joined the show to talk about the latest on the religious use of cannabis and controversy surrounding imprisoned Minister Roger Christie, founder of the THC Ministry in Hawaii. The controversy continues - watch "This Week" this week for an update. Tune in to Cannabis Culture on Friday's at 4pm PST for new LIVE episodes.

Episode 2 was broadcast LIVE to the Internet from our perpetually hot-boxed Cannabis Culture office at CCHQ in Vancouver on Saturday, November 19, 2010.

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SHOW NOTES (articles I talked about on the show):

Arizona Passes Prop 203, Becomes 15th State To Approve Medical Marijuana

"Bummer! Dutch to ban tourists from buying pot"

"Going Dutch! Marijuana cafes could close to foreigners"

"Federal and State Police Conduct Marijuana Terrorism Drill"

"Practice makes safety: 20 agencies coordinate for mock Shasta Dam attack"

Articles about Roger Christie and the religious use of cannabis:

"NORMLizer – Holy Smokes?"

"On Religious Use of Cannabis"

"NORML Throws Religious Cannabis Users to the Lions"

"Imprisoned Religious Cannabis Minister Roger Christie Responds To NORML"

More articles on the same subject published since the show:

"NORML Waste: Kicks Roger Christie While Down"

"NORML Responds to Religious Cannabis Users: Ending Prohibition Protects ALL of Us"

"Roger Christie Absurdly Considered 'Danger to the Community', Held Without Bail"

Tune in to Cannabis Culture on Friday's at 4pm PST for new LIVE episodes.

Jeremiah Vandermeer is editor of Cannabis Culture. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


I think you should reconsider

I think you should reconsider the on-air "drug use." The powers that be really hate that stuff, unfortunately. Just be careful.

latest ep

Hey guys I did not catch this live and now can not seem to view it past the first few minutes when I play the embedded video above. Is there any other copies of this that you could upload so I can watch the full hour ?




Thanks for the show notes dude!

Downloading now :)

(If people wanna know how to download for later viewing, I use the SoThinkWebVideo downloader firefox extension.

Curious to know what this norml-cc fight is all about. I've always fully admired both groups, except when I gave the NORML contacts advise to please put a HOW-TO page up for International Chapters as I wanted to start one here in Chile.

Needless to say I was disappointed when they responded with a "our mandate only covers the US" even though they have international chapters AND previously sent me some info on how to set one up, but they don't want to advertise that its possible for others to set one up in new countries? Odd


So, my question is do we need to start a new organization for GLOBAL representation of mature marijuana members? Perhaps Cannabis Culture would consider spearheading such a thing? I would instantly apply to represent you guys here in Chile... Just saying.. and I feel confident thousands more would in hundreds of other countries...



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