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Cannabis Culture #68 (Fall 2007)
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Favorite Bud: Mendo Purps
Jason King
Our bud connoisseur describes a Mendocino classic

Letter From the Editor
Marc Emery
Vancouver’s history and reputation form this issue’s theme

Humboldt Grow Magazine
Jacob Dillon, Bruce Bartlett
A new publication from the Emerald Triangle showcases crops

Kiwi Cannabis Culture
Chris Fowlie
New Zealand’s activists and pot people work hard and play hard

High in Hawaii
Guy Ragosta
The fight for medical marijuana is what drives these island individuals

Tommy Chong’s Vancouver
Tommy Chong
Our resident funnyman writes about his Vansterdam days

Your Next President On Drugs
Marc Emery
President Ron Paul would pardon all non-violent drug offenders

Pot Tattoos
CC Readers
More marijuana-inspired ink from our tattoo-covered fans

Protect Your Stash At Home
Barry Cooper
Ex-cop and regular contributor advises on home raids and keeping safe

Vancouver Glass
Marc Emery
Ten amazing west coast glass artists are showcased with their pipes

Cannabis Hemp Couture
Heidi Vargas
These clothes made of hemp and sustainable fibers are actually sexy and stylish

Vansterdam Livin’
David Malmo-Levine
From prohibition’s beginnings in Vancouver to the modern Marijuana Mecca known as Vansterdam, this BC ocean-side city has a fascinating weed scene history and cannabis culture!

Vancouver’s Hippy Cartoonist: Rand Holmes
Marc Emery
Harold Hedd was Rand Holmes’ comic character that loved BC’s bud and babes

Rand Holmes Retrospective
Patrick Rosenkranz
The ’70s cartoonist passed away in 2002, but his cannabis-inspired art lives on

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Ask Ed
Ed Rosenthal
Growing questions and answers with the Guru of Ganja

A Toker’s Tour of Vansterdam
Bob High
The hip places to check out while touring around town

Pot Puzzlers
Chris Lawson, Chris Goodwin
Win one of four CC Hot Box vaporizers with this word search and crossword

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Everything a stoner seeks

Peace Party Prophets
Mark Bode
Enlightenment through the ages

Editors Marc and Jodie Emery introduce CC #68

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