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Cannabis Culture #66 (May/June 2007)
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Favorite Bud: Snowcap – Jason King
Profile of a popular sativa-like clone in San Francisco

Letter From The Editor – Marc Emery
New updates and some deep thoughts about the extradition I'm fighting

The Bonsai Wheel – Boyscout
An Omega-Wheel knock-off shows off a rotating crop

Cannabis Culture Sells Out: Product Reviews – CC staff
In fact, we don’t sell out, we research and test these new fangled inventions

The Very Best of Vancouver Island Seed Bank – ‘G’ and Kat
50 Spectacular photographs of the most beautiful cannabis plants in British Columbia

Stephen Marley: Mind Control – Marc Emery
I pay my respects to Bob Marley’s scion

What’s Going On, Tommy Chong? – Tommy Chong
His new column discusses Tommy’s own brand of activism

Soaring Above Sativas – Bubbleman
It’s a magic ride above a towering forest of sativas

Bubblehash FAQ – Jodie Emery
The art of water hash explained

Big-Time Bubblehash – Bubbleman
40 pounds of trim becomes 2 pounds of primo bubblehash

Grow Room Tours at Opus Pharms – By Mik Mann
Visit this legal cannabis garden on your trip to Vancouver Island

Reverend Hemp’s Oaksterdam Mother Rooms – Boyscout
500 cuttings a day fly out of this legal clone provider

Bongs of Mass Inhalation – Peter Gorman
Laws banning bongs in Michigan, blunts in Philly, raids in Calgary

Flying High CC Skate Competition – Milan
A CC-sponsored skateboarding event took place in April 2007

Safer Stoner Networking – Matt Mernagh
Do you accept Officer O’Malley as your new friend?

Blaze 1 and PYRX – Boyscout
They’re a band, glass blowers, weed growers and heavy, heavy tokers

Pot Tattoos – CC readers
Body art devoted to interpretations of cannabis

Pot Puzzlers – Chris Lawson, Chris Goodwin
Win one of four CC Hot Box vaporizers with this word search and crossword

Glass Masters: Marbleslinger – Boyscout
Profiling a popular glass blower known across North America

Ask Ed: Growing Q&A – Ed Rosenthal
Growing questions and answers with the Guru of Ganja

Bob High: Pot Toys of the Future – Bob Nightingale
A one-page illustration of silly stoner inventions

Boogie On Reggae Woman – Mark Bode
Another installment from the son of comic book artist Vaughn Bode

Editors Marc and Jodie Emery introduce CC #66

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