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How to Build an Aeroponic Garden
Humboldt Heaven: Indoors & Out
Manicuring Pounds of Pot
The Life & Strange Trips of High Times Founder Tom Forcade
San Francisco's Psychedelic 60's Concert Posters
The Pipe Classic: Glass Masters Face Off
...and much more!CONTENTS Cannabis Culture Issue #64 (January/February 2007)

In This Issue:

08) The Pipe Classic – Marbleslinger
Bern Gallery hosts a glass pipe-blowing competition

16) Humboldt Heaven: Indoor – Boy Scout
A bountiful and beautiful harvest in Humboldt County

26) Psychedelic 60’s Posters – Michael Halle
San Francisco’s early concert scene is captured in rare posters

36) Manicuring Pounds of Pot – Joe Walsh
Our favorite Aussie outdoor grower faces manicuring madness

46) Cops, Lawyers, and Court – Matt Mernagh/Kirk Tousaw
How to avoid trouble, deal with cops, and stay out of jail

52) Humboldt Heaven: Outdoor – Boy Scout
Fantastic photos of a picturesque crop in the hills of California

64) Johnny Weed Seed – Mark Bode
Spreading seeds and peace across the land

66) Potheads on Patrol – Matt Mernagh
Hash-hitting troops and drug discharges in war zones

74) High Times Founder Tom Forcade – Bill Weinberg
The life and strange times of an enigmatic smuggler revolutionary

86) How To Build an Aeroponic Garden – Dr. Hawkins
Make a soilless growing table step-by-step

Regular Stash:

04) Favorite Bud: AOTA – Jason King

06) Letter From The Editor – Marc Emery

50) Drug War News & Milestones – Marc Emery

68) Ad Index – CC Advertisers

71) Mail order Catalogue – CC Magazine

96) The Glass Masters – Kris Gardner

98) Ask Ed: Growing Q&A – Ed Rosenthal

107) Bob High: Flower Power – Cartoon Bob

108) Cannabis Classifieds – CC Advertisers

110) Pot Puzzlers – Chris Lawson, Chris Goodwin

Two beautiful Humboldt County marijuana gardens lovingly photographed. One indoor and the other outdoor. See why Humboldt weed is number one in America.

Manicuring Pounds of Pot. Manicuring one hundred pounds of pot to be exact. Inside the head of the grower and a look at the finances of properly finishing a hundred pound crop. A rare look at the finances of a big crop.

Step by step, with 48 clear photographs, we show how anyone can build a beautiful aeroponic marijuana garden that will grow 28 plants in a corner of any room with common tools and equipment that you can obtain for under $600. Laid out with an eye for those who have never built anything before, even you, yes you!, can easily and competently construct this great growing system.

Before there was Cannabis Culture Magazine, there was High Times Magazine. The iconoclast founders of each of those magazines are both major figures in the modern marijuana movement. But what do you really know about High Times founder Thomas King Forcade? The Howard Hughes of marijuana, a weed smuggler to the end of his short days, the flamboyant publisher, are examined by former High Times editor Bill Weinberg. Commenting on the strange life and 'suicide' of Forcade at age 33 is Ed Rosenthal, who was, along with Forcade, the original braintrust of the High Times Magazine.

Ed Rosenthal joined the revolution in 1967 after legendary pot activist Dana Beals was arrested on an LSD charge. In 1968, Ed joined the Yippies. What were they all smoking? San Francisco's Psychedelic 60's Concert Posters from the private museum of Michael Halle gives you a taste of the fun you missed. We reprint some classics with Michael's story of how he came to own hundreds of these 60's posters.

Cops, Lawyers, and Court is a basic primer in 'shut the fuck up whenever and at all times you are in the presence of cops'. Dead serious, funny and insightful, this is necessary reading for all pot puffers in staying the hell out of jail, out of legal trouble.

The Army is court-martialling stoners 'in country' as hash & weed consumption becomes prevalent in the US and Canadian armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Find out what's happening to G.I. Stoner who's unlucky enough to get caught with weed on their person.

The Pipe Classic went on in Burlington, Vermont, to see who could make the most fabulous glass smoking pipe. We showcase ten great finalists and their work.

Plus Bob High the Science Guy, Ask ED, Jason King's Favorite, Weed Word Searches, cannabis crosswords (win one of 4 Hot Box Vaporizers every issue!), and a heartfelt letter from the Editor himself, Marc Emery



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