NeverGetBusted Tip: The Safest Way to Fly With Pot

It's never safe to smuggle large amounts of marijuana through a public airport; however, it's important for some people to fly with their medicine and NeverGetBusted.

If you have to, the safest way to fly with marijuana is to place a small amount in the crotch area of a female, but this method is also safe for males. Airport security is primarily interested in passengers carrying weapons and bombs - not pot. Small amounts of marijuana are secondary and will only be discovered during a weapons or bomb search of a person, so it's important to hide your stash in an area that cannot conceal a weapon.

After screening with metal detectors, the police know destructive weapons cannot be concealed in the crotch, so this area is rarely searched by airport personnel. Only a K-9 alert will trigger a search of your luggage and pockets. I have no reports of strip searches being conducted in airports unless the traveler was already arrested for a crime.

Pot brownies and other edibles are another excellent choice, as long as you mix them in randomly with unlaced food.

Use this tip, fly high, and NeverGetBusted.


It depends whether you are

It depends whether you are traveling domestically or internationally that makes this a good idea or not. Dogs are very rarely found in domestic terminals, and if they are, they are highly likely to be bomb sniffing dogs. Internationally, it is a different story because there are both bomb and drug sniffing dogs roaming around occasionally.

yeah right the K-9s will

yeah right the K-9s will smell that weed a mile away even if its its your crotch believe me


You have to vaccume seal it and then do it again. no sent getting out of sack that has been vaccume sealed 2xs


And then theres....

March Break Cuba 2005.

We knew the minimum charge was 30 years or some crazy shit for any drugs. I also knew weed was scarce in Cuba as it is not worth getting caught with.

Took the best weed we could find half z to be exact. Ground it like 50 000 times until it was dust. A combination of balloons and condoms and this small pellet sized object got hooped from Canada to the hotel room in Cuba. We called it "poo chron" from then on and always mentioned it's origin to girls AFTER they smoked.

2 Guys same age, same destination got caught with it in shampoo bottles a week earlier. Better safe than sorry. Crotching weed is a sure way to get the dogs on you.

Download Banged Up Abroad (Series) if you wanna see some horror stories about getting caught smuggling.

We stuffed prerolls in my

We stuffed prerolls in my old ladys hair all done up for planes and cuise boats. Just throwing that one out there.

dude, you totally stole that

dude, you totally stole that from goodfellas, props to you amigo.

last time i flew i just put

last time i flew i just put some hash in my pocket, no problemo. never slept better on an international flight (except for flying out of ams schipol)

new clothes, new shoes,

new clothes, new shoes, vacuum seal, place in crotch with new pipe, leave country. works great. never take anything back to america, only leave with it. seen it work many times internationally.

The best way i found was to

The best way i found was to get a big peanut butter jar that is still sealed..have your weed vaccumed sealed for extra procausion pop open the peanut butter take a scoop or two out put the weed in the peanut butter, put the extra scoops over the weed and then reseal it and out that in your big bag...worked everytime for me and friedns and we travel alot.

Great tip! I'm glad to hear

Great tip! I'm glad to hear that security personnel are focusing on explosives and weapons. That's exactly what they should be focused on -- not pot.



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