CC73 - January/February 2009

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Cannabis Culture #73 (January/February 2009)

Favorite Bud: Grape Krush
Jason King
Our strain-sampling contributor shares his latest pot pick

Letter From The Editor
Marc Emery
Musings on the Obama Administration and US drug war

Das Bud: German Pot-ography
Beautiful bud shots from the kannabis kultur abroad

Marijuana & Drug War News
Jacob Hunter
Medical updates, court decisions, legal fights and other news

Real Afghani Hashish
Nigel Budworth
Photos of hash bricks shipped to the East Coast from overseas

Growing Outdoors Part 2: The Harvest
G. of VISC
An outdoor grower in BC shares his harvest season stories

Redman & Method Man: Still High Tour
Heidi Vargas
Redman blazed and talked faves with CC staff after the Vancouver show

Dank: Subcool’s Quest for the Pinnacle of Pot
Jeremiah Vandermeer
This incredible new book has jaw-dropping cannabis photography

Mexico Under Seige
Peter Gorman
The US-led Drug War in Mexico is causing brutal violence and deaths

Chronic Art: Roach Paper Portraits
Cliff Maynard
This outstanding stoner art is like nothing you’ve ever seen

High Tree Zone
Greg HTZ
Medical marijuana grows tall in this legal Oregon garden

The Kottonmouth Krib
Joel York
Go for a tour through the weed-filled kingdom of Kottonmouth Kings

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Julian Marley: Planting Seeds of Consciousness
Jeniffer Zimmerman
One of Bob Marley’s talented offspring talks about Rastafari and ganja

Pot Tattoos
CC Readers
More marijuana-inspired ink from pot people everywhere

Bubbleman’s Trichome Meltdown
An up-close look at melting bubblehash and what’s left behind

Hal B. Klein: High in Hollywood
Jeremiah Vandermeer
This marijuana-loving actor knows how to fire up healthy food in the kitchen

Tackling Big-League Hypocrisy: Making Sports SAFER
Mason Tvert
Athletes busted for marijuana are punished unfairly

Pot Head Product Picks
Heidi Vargas
These marijuana-related tools and toys are profiled for your pleasure

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Ask Ed
Ed Rosenthal
Growing and other questions and answers with the guru of ganja

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The Little Pot Block That Could
Bob High
Cartoon Bob explores the history of the Marc Emery Hempire

Glass Masters: Collaboration
Jeremiah Vandermeer
Patrick Stratis and Korey Cotnam merge their glass-blowing skills

Editors Marc and Jodie Emery introduce CC #73

See what's inside this issue!


Issue #73

Can't wait 'till this gets to my bookstore! Looks like a good one, keep up the great work.

No poster centerfold??? You

No poster centerfold??? You guys should put two in the next one to make up for it. I have all your posters up till this issue and I was looking forward to getting one in this issue but was very disappointed that there wasnt one. The magazine is still the best one out there, but posters are sweet too!!

No $ for centerfold...

The Bob Marley and Snoop Dogg roach paper art is part of an article that sits in the center of the magazine. It's a great-looking spread.

Unfortunately, we had to cut the actual centerfold from CC #73 because of monetary concerns. It costs about $5,000 to print and insert the centerfold, and the magazine itself costs more than $60,000 per issue to print.

With the economic crunch getting tighter everywhere, we had to cut back our printing costs (in addition to the 20% pay cut everyone in our organization received). Let me tell you, it's VERY frustrating to see High Times and Skunk magazine with their pages and pages of FAKE BUD ads, which we refuse to take... Those scammers have a lot of ad money and fake bud, which keeps HT and Skunk afloat while we survive on legitimate advertising...

However, with our newly updated website and CC online store system, we've sold a lot of subscriptions and back issues. With that kind of support getting stronger, we might be able to print the centerfold again soon!

Issue #73 not found anywhere!

Hey there my weed tokin' friends! I love this mag and have been awaiting issue #73 with serious anticipation and low and behold I cannot find it at any bookstores or liquor/smoke shops in my area. Have some of the chains like Borders and Barnes & Noble stopped carrying the mag for some reason? No one seems to know why there are no issues available or being shipped to these stores and I really want the new issue...


who is the hottie on the

who is the hottie on the cover and why isnt she in the magazine

who is the hottie on the

who is the hottie on the cover and why isnt she in the mag..

Page Links?

Hi Tim. Say...Is there supposed to be working links to the stories on the page (eg. Marijuana & Drug War News Jacob Hunter ) or am I merely having browser problems? I tried 3 different types however, so that isn't too likely. Thanks.

can anyone tell me when mar.

can anyone tell me when mar. april #74 comes out?



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