CC72 - Fall 2008

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Cannabis Culture #72 (Fall 2008)
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Favorite Bud: Afghooey
Jason King
A big-yielding California strain is this issue’s pick

Letter From The Editor
Marc Emery
Canadian elections, extradition hearings, and more busy times ahead!

Guppy’s Gallery
Guppy Fish
Two big buds from our latest pro pot photographer

Growing Outdoors: This Is How We Do It
G. of VISC
Vancouver Island Seed Company’s guide to growing in the woods

Stoned in Central America
Dragonfly de la Luz
Our worldly weed traveler continues seeking the cannabis culture abroad

Rachel Hoffman: A Drug War History
Paul Armentano
Forced to be an informant by cops, then killed when they failed to protect her

Marijuana And Drug War News
Marc Emery, Jacob Hunter, Dana Larsen
Medical updates, court decisions, legal fights and more from around the world

Weed in China
Hawaii Mars
Finding cannabis along China’s backpacker trails

Questions and Answers
Barry Cooper
The ex-cop turned pot-activist gives advice on how to “Never Get Busted”

Stalking Trichomes
More amazing close-up photos of THC-filled glands

Rastafari: The Secret History of the Marijuana Religion
Marc Emery
The history of Rastafari’s prophets, and its influence on Jamaica and the world

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Ask Ed
Ed Rosenthal
Growing questions and answers with the Sage of Sensimilla

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Security Tips: Dealing The Herb Discretely
Bob High
Bob High shares another great cannabis inspired cartoon

What Kind of Eco-Girl Are You?
Heidi Vargas
Jodie Emery’s younger sister models hemp and organic clothing and accessories

Beauty Goes Green
Heidi Vargas
Hemp is being used in mainstream personal products

Natural vs. Chemical
Heidi Vargas, Nicole Seguin
Tips to live an environmental- and health-friendly lifestyle

Hairy Pothead and the 420 Code
Dana Larsen
A preview of the second CC pot-parody release about a weed wizard

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Glass Masters: Fathead Glass
Jeremiah Vandermeer
Micah and Fathead Glass from Arizona make wicked water pipes

Editors Marc and Jodie Emery introduce CC #72

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