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Cannabis Culture #71 (Summer 2008)
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Favorite Bud: Sour Diesel
Jason King
Popular dank strain is this issue’s favorite pot pick

Letter From The Editor
Marc Emery
The Emery Hempire has expanded in many ways – we just keep on Overgrowing!

Kat’s Portfolio 2008
Vancouver Island Seed Company’s photographer shares colorful cannabis shots

Marijuana & Drug War News
Marc Emery, Dana Larsen, Jacob Hunter
Our new regular feature summarizes recent global news and events

My Tour Of a Huge 130-Light Grow
Marc Emery
This massive indoor garden has plants that reach 10 feet tall

How to Make Clones
Greg of VISC
An overview of how Vancouver Island Seed Co. makes clones

15 Weeks from Seed to Harvest
Dr. Atomic
Watching seeds sprout and grow into mature, budded plants in 15 weeks

Brown Dirt Warrior DVD “Prohibition”
Brown Dirt Warrior
Eight years of planting pot in the BC outback caught on film for DVD

The Seed Producing Grow Rooms of Dr. Atomic
Photos of expert breeding pollination and seeds growing like you’ve never seen

The DEA Takes Another Hit From the Chong
Tommy Chong
They put Tommy in prison for bongs; now they DEA is going after a movie

Why Don’t We Do It in The Woods?
Joe Kamon, Heidi Vargas
Stylish hemp clothing for the outdoors in men and women’s fashions

Pot Tattoos
CC Readers
More of our readers’ cannabis-inspired body art

Guppy’s Gallery
Guppy Fish
Two pages of a humungous Foxtail sativa with donkey-dick colas

Ask Ed: Growing Questions & Answers
Ed Rosenthal
More marijuana growing insight from the Rabbi of Reefer

Pot Puzzlers
Chris Lawson, Chris Goodwin
A weedy word search and cannabis crossword with Hot Box vaporizer prizes

Bob High Science Guy
Bob Nightingale/Cartoon Bob
Another colorful and educational cartoon from our resident botanist and artist

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